Stocking fillers

Always such a rush… I mean, you wait all year for Christmas, then…



Many submissive men are rather bad at shorthand, which is a shame as most dominant ladiies really enjoy dictating.



I once jokily asked a domme if she did ‘big penis humiliation’ – and rather to my surprise she said she did, although as it turned out most of the actual work in-session was done by her friend Marcus.



No, no… don’t make me sniff that stinky stocking, Brer Mistress!




If you’re crying more often than you’re coming you’ve reached next-level sub status. Either that or you’re much too young to be reading this blog.

Destructive criticism

I was about to say they don’t get very many complaints but I looked into it and apparently they do get lots and lots of complaints, but they’re invariably withdrawn later.  Sometimes by the patients themselves, sometimes by their legal guardians if they’ve been declared mentally incapable.  So that’s all right.


Better do what she says.  Really.



You do have a safeword, of course.  Just use it if it all gets too much, and she’ll stop whatever she was doing immediately and do something else.  This, for instance.




Looks like it’s going to be all talk and no action!  What a disappointment.




You know, they gave him equal billing with her?  Sometimes the world makes no sense at all.



Sexually impermissive

She is technically a sex worker but then what you are doing is not technically sex, so I think it’s really up to her.



You could try giving her just a little trouble.  Just to test that wrist action. 




Yeah, it’s not a sexual thing for him.  Or for you, as you’ll discover.




I had a very sheltered upbringing – so much so that I was still a virgin when my second wife divorced me.









The day she bought the cane

And you know I feel no sorrow.  (Warning: video is SFW and unrelated).

Sounds like there’s a good mutual understanding here of what’s important in the relationship.

Sequentially or concurrently?
I dunno… when I do a schoolboy session I can barely concentrate on maths enough to count to six.  Which is unfortunate, because I usually have to do that quite a lot.

Raoul likes to take his time over things. Not like me – I’m very quick to get things finished, if I’m given the chance.

She used to be a dominatrix – the pay was better but there’s so much more job satisfaction this way.

Isn’t that a lovely spanking bench, by the way? Ages since we featured one of those here.

Inspiring contempt

It probably wasn’t intentional – just one of those things, you know?  No point making a big deal of it.

Don’t worry, she said ‘yes’ the second time around.  And then she charged for her presence at the marriage ceremony at session rates – rather a sweet touch, don’t you think?
Yes, that should help take your mind off it.  I think she’d like a back-rub too, if you don’t mind.

Many new husbands find it difficult at first, now they have to discuss things with someone else instead of just deciding for themselves.  But it’s actually part of the joy of marriage.  My SO, for example, prefers that I discuss with her before taking important decisions such as speaking, getting up from my knees or leaving her presence and – to be honest – I can hardly imagine how I managed before.

No problem – I’ve got both on speed-dial.

120 minutes a slave

…followed by a slightly stilted conversation while putting my clothes back on, a quick hug, a kiss of her hand, then back out and switch on the mobile to find out what craziness has been going on at work while I’ve been in session.

You can get upgraded to business class.  The container’s only slightly bigger (though you do feel the difference after a long flight, I find) but you get meaty chunks from a proper tin of food instead of those dry pellets.
Nurses have seen it all, of course, but many women find it quite offensive when a man visibly develops an erection in their presence.  My SO certainly does, and has been helping keep that side of my personality under tight control.

Sometimes you can tell even without looking at them.  And sometimes you just beat them anyway, on the off-chance.  It’s all good.
On my very first date, I actually had a premature orgasm – which was very embarassing.  You see, I was wearing light-coloured trousers, so when she opened the door and said hello, I exploded in a very visible dark stain.  Fortunately, that was the last bad thing that happened on that date, although I did almost get caught on the nose by the door as it slammed shut again.
What do we want? Justice!

She says…

now baby just you shut your mouth.

Not complaining.  It’s just that I usually make it through the first three minutes without one, that’s all.

Try to be reasonable.  She is. She sees good in everyone actually – a rare gift.

Obviously, it’s all perfectly consensual.  She asked for her husband to be beaten. And she’s got a safeword – you know, just in case it goes too far. 
My SO and I are actually playing what I’m fairly sure is the longest game of tease and denial ever right now.  We started on our wedding night and it’s just amazing.  I tried calling the Guinness Book of Records people but they said it didn’t count because I am such a sad little loser.

Downton domination. More of these to come.

Soft power

Of course, an average can be brought down quite a lot by just one bad review.  Especially if that’s from the only date you’ve ever been on.

Mmm…. looks like you just became a premium product!  Something to be proud of.

She wasn’t a huge success as a nurse, to be honest, especially when she did a stint learning how to administer pain relief, which turned out just not to be her thing.
successfully navigated that tricky moment towards the end of the date,
when she eases her shoes off, settles back and you have to decide
whether it’s appropriate to ask whether you can masturbate while
kneeling in front of her and sniffing her feet.

I expect he’s forgotten all about that time you ate his dogfood too.  I mean, that was Mistress’s fault really, but he wasn’t to know that.

I beg to differ

… but she rarely lets me.

I don’t want to do anything she disapproves of.  It’s too painful.

Always expect the unexpected. Except on this blog, where we ran out of ideas years ago and just keep recycling the same old tropes.

It’s only a small bottle, but they deliver them in packs of 24, annoyingly.

darling, of course, I… do you know, I don’t seem to have a pen with
me?  What a shame, I’ll just – what’s that? You have one with you,
darling?  Oh. Oh good.  Right.  So I just sign…?  There.  Right.
Mmm… blackmail fetish and schoolgirl play combined!  Lots of fun.

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