Punitive pleasures

She’s right, of course.



She puts a lot of effort into giving feedback and making sure the overall messages of the review are clear. So you’ll get a lot out of it. She appreciates obsequious upward feedback too.

I expect Cruella’s employees get plenty of feedback.  As do unpaid employees or random passing gawkers at their photoshoots, I imagine.


Another lady with an interest in giving clear feedback. Shame Harold won’t have much chance to learn from it for next time.

I asked my domme once how she managed to switch from non-stop verbal humiliation and contempt to chatting in a friendly way at the end of the session. She just smiled and said she’s a good actress, but she’d probably run out of ideas if it went for more than five minutes or so.  Which I didn’t really understand because we’d had a two hour session but it was time for me to go, so I never got the chance to ask.

Hmm… Looks like you’re not going  to get a chance to impress her with that dazzling wit.  Or anyone.  Oh well, win some lose some.  You did win some, right?  I mean, at some point in your life?




Scream queens

I quite often get scared in session, but I wouldn’t call any of that a ‘phobia’, as such.  Phobias are irrational fears.


Probably best if they never find out. They’re so sweet and innocent, long may they stay that way.
People like her contribute to the unfair stereotyping of the BDSM community.  You should say something – when you’ve got your breath back, obviously.
I don’t think it bothers her.
French capital punishment scenarios require some quite specialised equipment (although easy enough for any domme with slaves with carpentry skills).  Anyone wanting to try out American cap-pun play is going to need something to step up the voltage. Ordinary electricity’s not quite enough to kill, even in Europe.  I mean, it works eventually, but if the client’s only paid for a couple of hours, the domme’s at risk of the scenario not working out.


Regrettably, like most submissives I have spent much too much of my life under-ruled.

and a fur coat. From his remaining 20% of his income. Otherwise it wouldn’t count as a present, would it?

I actually find a caning can bring quite intense sexual pleasure. To be honest, that’s usually a relief because she pauses for a while when she comes.

Modern financial products developed specifically for findomme relationships are much more convenient – you can really feel in control of someone else’s finances, which can be very reassuring.

Sounds quite edgy… make sure you agree a safeword before she starts, yeah?

Perhaps she forgot to mention that before? It’s an important point of detail, obviously, but the most important aspects of the plan –  her not married any more, inheriting all your assets – those are actually the same regardless of the actual mechanics of the process.

Furious feminine

It’s not that ironic.  He strongly disapproved of it while it was being done to him, too – more so than ever, if anything.

“We” did, although only only one of us did most of the actual talking, as I recall it.

You might want to refer her to your own ‘FAM’ – that’s ‘Frantic Appeals for Mercy’

The simply divine Mistress Heather.  I for one would love to kiss the air above that foot tattoo, and even closer if allowed.

Thank goodness she realised you needed to be locked in chastity too.  How awful it would be to be locked in a prison cell for months without any ability to suffer the erotic frisson of enforced chastity at the same time.

She also has a carving knife.

Painful conversations

Lots of men don’t realise that ‘mere’ words can cause pain.  There are words that I have spoken on occasion that have led to quite astonishing amounts of pain, sometimes almost immediately.

See: this is just the kind of thing I’m talking about. One minute you think you’re having a pleasant conversation, and…, I dunno, maybe there was something that upset her or something, but when you wake up you’re naked and gagged, upside down in a canvas sack bumping along a country road to goodness knows where…  I guess it’s a Mars/Venus thing.

When they next see Trevor, I expect they can ask him how the special effects wizards manage to make the torture and murder look so realistic.

Thank goodness all that’s behind me.

Poor thing.  I expect he has no idea how much pain she’s been going through, the heartless bastard.

Yeah ‘trodden’. It is a ridiculous language, actually. Perhaps Gal could give me a few Hebrew lessons.  I’m sure I’d be a very conscientious student.

Superior judgement

She didn’t ask what Tony thought of it, of course. He’d have just the same opinion as Jane, anyway.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t brought one she’s probably got something you’ll be able to use to become really sorry.
They had to lift the ban on cruel and unusual punishments, of course.

They seem very nice, don’t they?
Behind the scenes, the Avengers movies are a lot more femdom than they seem. I’ll just mention that Iron Man is not the only one who wears a rigid metal shell, and leave it at that, I think.

Fail better

I do that. I’m really good at failing, actually. 

A bit of a shame to call in sick – the girls at work recognised you and have something special planned, whenever you’re next in the office.

Marriage is always a learning experience. She’s just determined to make the learning experience a bit more structured, that’s all.

I’ve always tried to use humour to defuse tense situations. On my very first… time with a woman, if you know what I mean, I was very nervous indeed.  Fortunately she burst out laughing as soon as I’d taken my clothes off, and she was still giggling when her taxi arrived ten minutes later. I’ve always been able to make women laugh: it’s a gift.
I suppose that must mean she has a basement too – they’re all the same, the houses on that row. I wonder what she keeps down there?

Funnily enough, it turns out Prop 677 wasn’t even necessary. Enough Californians worship Anne as a goddess for her to qualify for the religious exemption, so she didn’t have to pay taxes anyway. Still: it was a nice gesture.


When I first started dating my SO, I’d often finish before She had a chance to come, but now things are more under control She typically has oh… two, three…maybe even four hundred orgasms before that happens.

It’s always embarassing when men have to go to what’s basically a girls’ night out, isn’t it? You kind of stand around awkwardly, watching the wives roaring with laughter while you make polite converation about ironing tips and suchlike.  Women are just better at social events… it’s because they’ve got more empathy.


Life will be a lot simpler.  You can do as she says or starve.

Big decision.  Don’t pressure her, OK?

I’m down on my hands and knees.  Point me to the broken glass.

Confidently supreme

She doesn’t like ‘torturess’ either.  It’s sexist. Like a woman can’t torture people just as well as a man, you know? Better, even.  So don’t call her that.  Call her… oh I don’t know. Something respectful, I’d suggest. Very respectful.

‘You’re a taxi!’  It’s an old joke, but I like to make my date laugh.  Often, the evening together ends with her leaving my apartment almost hysterical with laughter. In fact, I bumped into an old flame the other day and she started giggling as soon as she saw me.

No problem. That’s what Kenny is here for.  He pays handsomely for the privilege, after all.

I wouldn’t mind, but I read that book before, counting ‘the’ for another Mistress.
 This is the wonderful Lady Sophia Black, who is if anything even more wonderful in person than Her online persona (which is very, very wonderful indeed).
Hmmm.  She seems to have mostly disapppeared from the Internet.  Now that is a loss.
Choking on someone else’s vomit?  Unpleasant but, well, you know, Her kink is not your kink. Or anyone’s.
Mistress Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress, who seems not to have retired after all.  So that’s a bit better.


Oh, just go with it. You enjoy sexy abbatoir play, she enjoys bacon sandwiches.  You’re very compatible.

Don’t worry. She respects the hard limits imposed by the Geneva Convention.  No hollow-nosed bullets, just a good clean round through the forehead if you get the password wrong.

Poor thing. She obviously misses him terribly.

Yes, I could use a muscle relaxant.  I’m feeling strangely tense about this – which is silly, because there’s really nothing that can go wrong with a tonsils operation.

Love that biker chic.  He’s a switch – prefers to top, but confident enough to play the strong and silent sub on the bottom, you know?  Goes by the name of Master Marcus when he’s domming.  He’s also bisexual, or he soon will be, anyway.

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