Intended consequences

I wonder why she didn’t get much sleep? Probably worrying you might be cold out there, the sweet thing.
Good to know it’s nice and strong. Nothing worse than the feeling that one of your bonds is working loose , when you’re screaming, thrashing around in agony and pleading for mercy, is there?
I often accompany my SO to the hairdresser – the girls there have a kind of competition to see who can give me the stupidest-looking cut.
I think she’s getting the hang of ‘it’the domination sex thing’. The trick is not to get hung up on the ‘sex’ bit.
Tsk… any time you’re ready, ladies!
Maybe she just lacks confidence, the poor thing. Doesn’t want to embarass herself by not being quite the accomplished lesbian, when it’s finally time for you to watch in mute frustration. Fortunately, she’s always been a quick learner.

Work harder, not smarter

That was my SO’s advice to me, soon after we married. As with all her advice, following it has made my life a lot easier.

And if at first she doesn’t succeed, no harm in trying again.



Make sure you empty the bath with buckets and carry the soapy water back down to a proper drain when you’re done, OK?  It’s more environmentally friendly.  Or just remind her to make sure you do it – that’s probably going to be more effective, actually.



Thank goodness someone’s there to keep up standards.


Don’t worry – she’ll be keeping an eye on the situation, via the livestream. She’ll step in if she decides it’s all too much.

Nonjudgemental cruelty

Hmmm… nothing springs to mind. Still, as long as the two of you are talking about it, that’s a good start.

There’s also a scheme now to get paid to feed power back into the grid, which might explain why so many dommes these days have started offering treadmill sessions.




All kinds of feelings can be communicated through dance: humiliation, shame, timidity… it’s a very expressive medium.



He won’t be able to afford to pay for any more domination sessions, poor chap, but maybe he’ll have had his fill of that sort of thing by then.


Fortunately it is a mistake that is easy to rectify.  Easy for the person doing the actual rectifying, anyway.



I’ll get some nuts

Is this femdom?  Works for me.  But then, like at least 80% of the male British population, I adore Olivia Coleman.


But I’ve only got one – after that thing with Angie last week. Oh… go on then.
It’s actually a grotesque stereotype that gay men molest straight men in public lavatories.  Also, most gay men aren’t attracted to guys in little maids’ dresses.  So: you’re safe on two counts. But you can have the butt-plug if you want to be sure.  Or if she decides it might look funny.

You need to be careful online, though.  My SO once took up what She thought was an offer of a fit young 22 year-old guy and She found Herself the owner of this rather unattractive 52 year-old.  She was quite cross with him for lying like that, so of course when She later tried to get rid of him , he was badly damaged and She ended up having to send him to landfill.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t sell themselves into slavery online, obviously, but they need to take some care, that’s all.

That’ll be two us without a choice in the matter, then. I wonder who does decide these things?

There’s nothing so relaxing as knowing you can scream and thrash hysterically in fear and pain as much as you like.  Time to hand over control.

The wrongs of man

Power drill play… not for everyone, obviously.  Just for you.

Despite the harsh look of the place, it’s actually more an institution for rehabilitation and education, rather than punishment as such. Of course, it all hurts, but there’s a purpose to it, that’s all I’m saying.

I don’t see why funerals have to be sad. I want my own funeral to be a joyous occasion, and when I told my SO that, She laughed and said it almost certainly would be.
See – and you were complaining about her fucking other men!  All square now, right?
More fun than a trireme: you get to jog along the road in the fresh air.

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