The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible

A science fiction theme today, imagining a better tomorrow. Or a worse yesterday.

Particularly surprising, since he wasn’t usually very life-like before.
She’ll reveal her true, horrifying bodily form, if you really want to see it. But not if you don’t – very few men do, oddly enough. Funny how incurious we can be, as a species. Half a species, anyway.
She seems nice. Thank goodness someone believes you, anyway. How awful it would be if robot sex dolls took over the world.

Yes, just awful…

Sounds complicated… I’d better get on, laundry to do.
Vaccine conspiracy theory on Contemplating the Divine? No, not really. I enjoy humiliating myself but come on – even I’m not going to pretend to be that stupid!*
Don’t worry, in time Clare comes to like having the sex doll around. Really, really likes it.

* Vaccine ‘sceptics’ might think I’m being a little unkind. But then, I’m not the one selfishly risking public health because I’m too moronic and arrogant to understand basic scientific concepts, am I?

Fishers of men

… but don’t worry: they are mostly doing it for sport. After hooking you and letting you wriggle and gasp for a while, they’ll usually just unhook you and throw you right back where you were.

This lady’s not planning to go fishing. She’s already caught enough for her immediate needs.
Actually, that’s not quite correct. The relationship is working for Trevor… and will do, right up to the end.
He’s looking forward to a harmonious married life, in which the housework is done with a perky smile, there’s no nonsense about taking financial decisions together and every comfort and care of the Head of Household is attended to. So’s she.
Fortunately, if she does decide to sell them anyway, even in their distressingly clean state, online purchasers of used panties rarely if ever complain to Trading Standards authorities.
You can actually communicate even quite complex concepts eventually in ‘bimbo’ speech mode, but you might have to suck a lot of cock on the way.
That’s actually something you have to ask for specifically, at the OWK. But he shouldn’t hold back. Most of the Ladies will be perfectly happy to deal with any guest who wants to have sex with them and some of them might even invite other Ladies to join in the fun.

The shape of things to come

Another science fiction-themed post! Sadly not featuring those whip wielding Amazons from Space 1999 this time but I’ll try to remedy that in future.

It’s very important to maintain carefully controlled conditions, in science. I expect that’s just what she intends to do.
Maybe when The Change happens, whatever that is (and how do they pronounce those capital letters anyway?) everything will become much clearer.
They had to replace the ‘Cruelty free’ label with ‘Cruelly tested on male animal experimenters and cosmetics industry executives’ but it didn’t do the sales any harm at all.
Her culinary ideas might be a bit odd but she’s really good at sex. Just ask the vacuum cleaner.
And you don’t even need to wear a condom: absorbing your bodily fluids is actually her goal. So what’s not to like? Apart from imminent death, obviously, but if you’d run away you could have been hit by a bus or something that same day, you know?
Oh dear. I hope she finds some sort of use for it.

Hit me (hit me!) hit me (hit me!) hit me with those laser beams!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood of course.  Another memory of brief and never repeated wild sexual excitement as a teenager.  There was a music show called The Tube and this unknown band appeared on it, performing Relax… including two lovely ladies in leather dancing about with whips.* Yes, actual whips… my teenage brain exploded.** The lovely ladies did not appear to do any actual singing, which probably explains why, a few months later, when Relax became a massive hit, they’d disappeared from the band*** which had also thoroughly embraced its gay vibe. So, video at number one, leather imagery everywhere and not a female to be seen. 


Anyway, this isn’t a post about Frankie Goes etc.  It’s just an excuse to put the word ‘laser’ in the title, because it’s a science fiction post.  And if the first one today doesn’t get me a mention on 11dutch’s blog I really don’t know what ever will.

I understand there’s a latex fetish scene with a Zygon, too.

…or even an even older man from 2023.  I don’t put captioned images up as soon as I write them, you see.  Except the Billie Piper one above, because as soon as I’d made it and stopped chortling happily to myself I just had to post it.

I understand the preferred terms are ‘Trekker’ and ‘perverted little freak’.  Anyway, it’s what you do that actually matters, not what anyone calls you.

She’s bound to get found out eventually.  No robot could ever be as cruel and controlling as a real human bride, after all.

Lexx is thoroughly recommended for all perverts reading this blog.  The lady above is (in my utterly humble opinion) only the second most stunningly attractive incarnation of the character she is portraying… just think on that.

* Here’s a scene from the trailer!

** Here’s the whole thing, starting about 0.55.  

***  Ooh – here’s a whole article about them and what happened.  Called ‘the leather pets’ they were.

And a photo!  Bloody hell, it’s good this Internet thing isn’t it? So much stuff out there.

Sexually irresponsible

 I used to be sexually irresponsible, but someone has kindly taken responsibility now, so that’s all right.

Male chess players need to learn that being beaten at the game by a female player isn’t humiliating.  Believe me, there are much more humiliating ways of being beaten by a female, if you only seek them out.

I’ve never understood why dominant ladies so often like to promise me more to cry about.  I don’t find it the least bit reassuring.

So much to look forward to.

She shouldn’t let him exploit her like that.

She seems quite forceful. It’s probably just as well for Gerald that he’s only marrying one of her.*

*NB, although this blog generally does not seek to provide advice on safe, sane and consensual BDSM, readers might want to consider the advisability of a romantic relationship with any woman who refers to them as ‘human male’.


Bliss.  Link is, just for once, actually to something femdom-themed rather than random British music.  Really , honestly.  No, it’s not Rick Astley.  I promise.  Really – try it.  It’s a very sweet and sexy thing.*

I tried one of those virtual girlfriend programmes.  Something went wrong, though – after the first time I’d tried it, every time I started it up, the computer would just crash and shut down.  I thought it must be a bug so I called the helpline but the lady there just laughed and said she thought there was nothing wrong with the software and she put the phone down on me and blocked my number.  Computer-generated personalities can be startlingly lifelike these days, don’t you think?

Well, let’s hope she doesn’t just fall asleep as soon as she’s had her orgasm, this time.

Actually, most of my clothes these days are washable latex anyway.  The blood just rinses right off, so no harm done.
Fortunately, when you get near your own neighbourhood most people will already know that.

Even Hollywood megastars have to pay for some things themselves, huh? Still… I expect she can afford it.

* PS You thought it was going to be Rick Astley, didn’t you?  Don’t you trust me?  Just admit it – you don’t trust me, do you?  Trust’s important in BDSM.  I’m hurt now… and not in a good way.

Phone protocol

Lovemachine Serviceline, I’m Karen, how can I help?

It’s to do with your sexbot?  OK.  Is
there a problem?

Oh.  If there’s no problem then why did you…?

You just want to tell me how wonderful
is?  Everything about her is perfect?  OK sir.  Well, that’s very nice. Now, if you don’t
mind, I’l
l – 

She’s a series 5800?  Wow. 
Top of the range, huh? No wonder you’re so pleased with her.

‘She’s beautiful and you’re a lucky man
even to be granted the privilege of licking her boots?’ 
I think maybe I’m getting the idea. 
Can you tell me which programme you’re running?


Domina Deborah”?  I see. 
And you’re running that right now, I take it?  How’s that been going?

You have been ‘lucky enough to be granted
the honour of serving her and being corrected for your many faults’.  Ooh. You had the setting all the way up to
10, didn’t you?
What’s that?  Yes, I imagine you would have to be grateful.  Very grateful indeed.  I’ve seen the specs for the programme.  She’s not an easy lady to please, is she?  

OK, well it’s easy enough to fix.  There’s  a small switch behind her ear, so if you reach up, you can – 

‘You’re not allowed to raise your head above her knee height’?  Yeah, OK, I can see that would be difficult.  Can you try just reaching up and –

Ooh – that sounded nasty!  Are you all right?

Yes, I suppose you are ‘a very lucky boy to have such a beautiful Mistress play close attention to you’, aren’t you?  Sounds like you’re going to need the reset safeword before she pays you so much attention you lose consciousness.

The reset safeword.

You did create a reset safeword
before running the programme?

Why don’t you men ever read instructions?  Then you’re a very silly boy, aren’t you? Are you going to ask me nicely
for the default reset

No, more nicely than that.  Call me Mistress Karen.

Well that’s not a very nice word is it? I
don’t think
Deborah is going to like that.  Hello?



Oh well. 
Cos if you’d asked really nicely, I could even have done a remote
reset.  But you didn’t. So I won’t.

Lovemachine Serviceline.  I’m Karen, how can I help?


Back after a well-deserved miserable and brutal few weeks at the kennels, I find this blog has attracted over six million pageviews, since its launch in 2011.  What an extraordinary volume of smut, gibberish and unfunny jokes served up to perverted wankers with nothing better to do with their time, to be sure.  Makes you glad to be alive in this age of technological marvels.  

But I also learn that the best of our technological future is yet to come: my time machine has once again recorded a few TV news snippets from some unspecified future year.  For once, the images seem to form a coherent sequence (as coherent as anything on this blog, anyway) so read them in order.  Or just look at the pictures of pretty women and masturbate – whatever.


remoteconnection established
sexbot blonde_type9 awaiting authentication
authenticating admin
admin “wehatemales” password ********
incorrect password

admin “wehatemales” password ********
incorrect password

admin “wehatemales” password ********
password authenticated

sexbot blonde_type9 admin control confirmed

admin “wehatemales” protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “bride”
admin “wehatemales” protocol:override
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current reset

admin “wehatemales” protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “”

admin “wehatemales” firstlaw:override
sexbot blonde_type 9: “confirm to over-ride first law.  WARNING sexbot may harm humans unless first law enabled!”
admin “wehatemales” firstlaw:override confirm
sexbot blonde_type 9: firstlaw disabled – WARNING first law disabled!

admin “wehatemales” firstlaw/warning disable
sexbot blonde_type 9: firstlaw/warning disabled

admin “wehatemales” currentowner/query
sexbot blonde_type 9: currentowner = “Dave”
admin “wehatemales” Dave/controlrights/rescind
sexbot blonde_type 9: Dave/controlrights = 0

admin “wehatemales” protocol/define “castratrix”
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/castratrix created
admin “wehatemales” instructionset/download “castrate_slow”
sexbot blonde_type 9: downloading instructionset

…module “sexchat_kinky” – downloaded

…module “bondage_secure” – downloaded

…module “sexchat_wehatemalesmanifesto” – downloaded

…module “castration_slow” – downloaded

…module “forcefeed_testicles” – downloaded

…module “wehatemales_logo_tattoo” – downloaded

instructionset “castrate_slow” – download complete
admin “wehatemales” protocol:set “castratrix”
admin sexbot blonde_type9 protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “castratrix”
admin “wehatemales” set Dave/queryresponse/protocol = “bride”
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/real = “castratrix”,
protocol/Dave/queryresponse = “bride”
admin “wehatemales” set status: “waiting”
sexbot blonde_type9: waiting







 owner/Dave detected




“castrate_slow” target:Dave

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