Their beauty and their style

He can do 100 words a minute – most of them being ‘sorry’.




I don’t see why it’s so unethical.  I mean, consent was sought and freely… well, consent was given anyway, which is the main thing.




She’s always hungry. She always needs to feed. She must eat. All she gets is nasty Orcses.



I think we can all agree that anyone doing that deserves whatever Hayley feels like handing out (and she’s a big strong girl).

Romance, revenge and healthy exercise, all in one long, happy afternoon.


Wise women

…and the unwise men they look after.


Mmm?  Oh.. yeah, sure.




Ladies!  An object lesson in the importance of not having too much removed when your submissive goes in for an operation.




For such a powerful, self-confident lady, she has surprisingly narrow limits.

A few days later, when he was fully recovered, they gave him the eleven Tic-Tacs he won over the course of the evening.  What – did you think they were lying to him? No: they play fair.



My domme takes schoolboy sessions so seriously that she makes me take GCSE exams.  Usually, I do OK, although anything worse than a B can be quite painful.    Last year, though, because of Covid, grades were awarded on the teacher’s assessment of competence, so I was barely able to walk after receiving my ‘results’.


Actually, the silver brushes are worse – just ask your future father-in-law while you’re doing chores.




It’s not fair to expect her to whip you every time something needs doing, now, is it?

It’s good they’re talking about money, though: many couples don’t and it can lead to a lot of pain in their relationships.

He thought that a biology-class themed session would be all about sex, but instead he’s learning lots of useful facts.

I find that having a pair of electrodes nestling lovingly against my skin helps keep me closely in touch with her feelings.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if I could.




Leading ladies

Oh, it would be just awful lying across that skirt having your backside whacked repeatedly with a heavy wooden hairbrush, don’t you think?  Awful.  No, no, please don’t do that.
Well at least she’s giving you a choice.
Oddly enough, it’s quite common to experience a powerful orgasm at the actual moment of castration.  Usually the surgeon just needs to take a moment to get her breath back and then finish the operation, though.

I see a happy ever after on the horizon.

You know, I write a lot here about being told I was ‘the worst fuck ever’ on dates, but actually it’s only happened to me once.

Heels over head in love

Like many submissive men, I pay not to have sex. 

At school, once, this boy and I were talking about some girl and he said “I’d like to get in her knickers!”  So when, a few weeks later, after a midnight excursion, I was able to tell him I was in her knickers, I thought he’d be jealous.  But he wasn’t, oddly enough. It was just a misunderstanding.  How we laughed. The whole class laughed, if I remember rightly.

Benji is actually the Honourable Sir Benjamin Kettleworth-Harcourt, FRCS, but of course he can neither remember nor pronounce that.

Married couples should talk about their interests more.

How does she know I’m scrumptious?  I didn’t detect a French accent, there.

You made a life out of hurting me

Well, a career anyway.  (warning: link is DSFW*)

*Disappointingly safe for work.

Yeah, just do whatever comes naturally.  She doesn’t mind.

Apparently, onset of the male menopause can occur as early as your 20s.  You just have to marry the right woman.

And what’s Ioannis got that I haven’t, I’d like to know? 
In an emergency, she could always just use one of the hotel’s coathangers or something.

She only puts the big ones on her trophy wall.  Smaller ones she makes into into novelty hat or shoe racks and sells them on e-bay..

I beg to differ

But I’m never allowed to, so I don’t really know why I bother.

On we go …

At first, she used to follow the approach of other dommes; in trying to put first-time clients at their ease.  Reassure them that nothing too bad would happen, you know?  But then she decided one day it was just too dishonest.

Relationships can take many different forms.  You’d be surprised how many stable partnerships are based on a solid foundation of contempt and abuse.  Works for me.

Maybe you could ask about the oral sex later.  Still worth a try, surely?

in my opinion, equality between the sexes is a very bad idea.  But I’m
posting this caption anyway, in the spirit of recognising that my
opinion is of no importance whatsoever.


Like I said, relationships can take many forms.  ‘Husband’, ‘lover’, ‘piss-slave to lesbian couple’ – they’re all just different words for the same thing, fundamentally, don’t you agree?

Thank Goddess it’s Friday!

It’s always such a relief to get home on a Friday evening after a tough week at work, when there’s still a few hours to make an early start on the weekend chores.

It’s a bit disappointing that they started without you, actually.  Maybe you should say something? Marriages should be founded on mutual respect.

What a lot of canes she has. One would be quite enough to reduce me to total obedience.  Women, eh?  Can’t control those shopping instincts.  Bless ’em.

Some time it really has to be my turn to serve. Surely.

Most blokes only play at 10, you see, and where can you go from there?

A very good point.  Sexual identity can be complicated.  Best to have someone else in charge of it, I say.
The lovely Mistress Akella, there.  But I forgot!  You’re gay (now) – so I don’t suppose you’re that interested in her?

Incidentally, readers, have any of you noticed that the new British Prime Minister has the same name as a rather splendid British domme?  Well, there’s an ‘h’ of difference but that’s all.  I can’t see the coincidence doing either of their careers any good at all, to be honest, but I wish both well.

Her husband; her rules

It’s only fair, right?

She can certainly make you less happy in the days and years to come, should she choose to do so. Thoroughly miserable, in fact.  So in that sense, today is indeed the high point.

Sounds exciting!  Some sort of wet ‘n’ messy play, I imagine?

Yes, you really must stay to comfort her. It can’t have been easy for her, losing three husbands in a row like that.
 I don’t usually link to tumblrs but I will give a shout-out to Strict Widow, as I love the concept and I’m using it quite a lot for material!
Ah – a caption turning on the finer points of English grammar.  One for the Editor Domme, there.
 While we’re on the subject of tumblrs…  Just remember you’re apostrophe’s if you comment on her site, for gods sake, OK?
Dominant males quite often feature in this blog, actually.  You can’t always tell the difference between them and the subs, but believe me, when I post a picture of some male under female control, with hands secured and cock firmly locked away or absent, it’s often a male dom formerly known as “Master Roger” or some such.

…and here‘s an extra one, without words.  

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