Torturous logic

She’s right, of course. Quite early in my marriage, I realised that what I naively thought of as ‘too much pain’ was, when viewed in proper perspective, ‘not enough pain’. It’s funny how wrong men can be about such things.
Speaking of Orgasm Day – guess what? Thursday’s mine! Yes, every February 29th, regular as clockwork, I get to have an orgasm. Unless my behaviour has been particularly bad, obviously, or if she’s too busy. She suggested the date herself – I’d wanted some time in June, but apparently this is much better.
This is one of the tasks you’ll be judged on, so do it right.
Nothing wrong with enjoying your job, I say.
What if I’m not ready? Hmm? What do you suppose she’ll – AAH!
I hadn’t realised she owned a big dog… I guess that’s why she has that big cage in the garden.

Relationships founded on respect

 Not mutual respect, obviously.  No fun in that.

Go on, it’s an opportunity to show off your strength.  Girls like that.

An optional 150% service charge will be added to his bill, but of course it’s entirely at her discretion.

I don’t think ‘we’ are going to be doing a lot of talking, except of the begging and pleading variety.  Same as usual.

There are penalties for average scores below ‘B’ and rewards for slaves receiving an overall ‘A’, although no one has ever found out what those rewards might be.  This guy here is averaging a ‘G’, but then he is very experienced and well-trained so it’s not surprising he’s doing so well.

We were bent over the desk, dreading every stroke, I think, if I remember rightly – and wondering why we can’t just enjoy normal sex, like normal people do.

Slavish devotion

I don’t mind being ice cream coned in public – let’s face it, guys, we’ve all been there – but I do object to having to wait in the queue to buy her another one, with the cream oozing slowly through my hair and down my face. Especially as I know that second one’s only going into my trousers.  But my SO says it’s better that way.


Shoe fetishists have it easy.  So do humiliation freaks like me, actually: I mean, even the very worst, most cringe-making car-crash of a date can turn out to have been the best ever.




I suppose they could go and put the kettle on, then bring him out a nice hot steaming mug. Honestly, dommes can overcomplicate things some time.

These lovely ladies are at the English Mansion and the lady on the right there is Mistress Vixen, who also plays the piano rather sweetly.  ‘Behind the scenes footage of dommes not realising they were being filmed’ is an under-served fetish, possibly because it often ends in the destruction of valuable cameras (and less valuable cameramen).



It’s more difficult than it looks, you know.



She’s not easily impressed, to be honest. Especially by males who are inherently very unimpressive.


That’s your lot for today, I’m afraid!  You know the drill by now: five CtD captions, twice a week plus an occasional weekend ‘special’.  But fear not, for I bring tidings of discomfort of the most joyful kind: unto us is born a new blog.  Or, to put it less pretentiously, check out The Age of Femocracy by spicegrinder, a long-standing commentator on this blog.  It seems likely to feature brutal oppression, humiliation, pain and other fun stuff like that so do give it a go.

Maleness, managed

Some might say it’s not quite summer yet, so it’s a bit early to be putting him outside for the night, but she says the fresh air’s good for him.

It’s the extras that really define how well a marriage will work.  This one looks strong.


Har de har har.  Sorry about that.




Always a bit embarrassing to meet an old flame, but she’s making the effort so you should too.


You know, her relationship with Raoul would probably break down completely if you weren’t around.  Well done you.










Actually, the silver brushes are worse – just ask your future father-in-law while you’re doing chores.




It’s not fair to expect her to whip you every time something needs doing, now, is it?

It’s good they’re talking about money, though: many couples don’t and it can lead to a lot of pain in their relationships.

He thought that a biology-class themed session would be all about sex, but instead he’s learning lots of useful facts.

I find that having a pair of electrodes nestling lovingly against my skin helps keep me closely in touch with her feelings.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if I could.




There is no fire

Music only a little related. But don’t you just love the way Mistress Lennox’s voice sort of… swoops in at the start? I do. And I tried to find a version with a video, and I found this and she looks lovely, but someone’s ringing a bell, playing an electric organ and generally messing up that opening.

Sigh.  First world problems…

More things follow:

I had this wonderful puppy play session in the park, the other day.  She did that thing of making me balance a twig on my nose in sitting position?  And then she backed slowly away saying ‘stay… stayyyy’.  It’s actually quite hard to stay still for long like that, so after only seven hours, I sneezed and the twig fell off. If I ever see her again, I’ll have to tell her and be punished. Exciting thought!


Oh, just a plain vanilla ball-crusher, then? OK, sorry.  Just go ahead.

I still remember the first time she called me a ‘lazy little bastard’…
It’s actually not quite true to say she doesn’t care. She enjoys making you cry. But she’s trying to spare your feelings, the dear thing.

Yup. All about the rules.

Feminine tuition


Just go with it, Robert.  See where it takes you.
He’ll be genius-level.  And that’s just the first batch.
Unlike many dominant ladies, my own SO quite enjoys it when I disagree with her.  Says she finds it stimulating – I do too.

There are some very responsible positions available. Of course, George would have to serve his time as a tampon boy, but do a good job there for a few years and the sky’s the limit.

She’s doing the scene a real service.

Taking liberties

There are a few other differences: for example, they use shorter words and less complicated concepts in the male stream, for obvious reasons.

I already wanted to be laundry boy.  Very, very much.

I’ve heard she’s a bit of a sweetie in real life. Torture is just a job for her, you know?  She’s awfully good at it, though.

No… no. I think that’s all very reassuring.
This is the truly delightful (yes: another Lady with the misfortune to have encountered servitor in the quivering flesh), beautiful, witty and sexy Miss Tiffany Naylor. 
Oh, I don’t know.  I think I’d quite like to be at least a little bit late.


I’m definitely going to have words with them about it when they visit!  I expect that won’t be long.  They’re very affectionate… in their way.

I might have a few thoughts about ironing?  And obedience to women? But I guess those will survive the treatment.
Yes you do. You know you do. You’re probably doing it right now.  Pervert. (That is kind-of what the blog’s for, after all)

I’m not following.  I’m just walking here, enjoying the view.  I expect if I just explain that, it’ll all turn out all right.

It’s actually a simple enough operation to remove it. The only problem is it’s tuned to detect such thoughts, so you’d be rolling around on the floor in agony before you could even pick up the phone to a doctor to arrange it.

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