Leashed to a frenzy

It’s nearly time for your next session anyway.  Might as well just stay.



She loves him really.


Won’t be saying that again.  Or anything else, I imagine.


Poor thing.  Still another 20 minutes of the session to go.  Her hand must be so sore.


I wonder what she does with them all? It’s only a small apartment.

Mistress and commander

Hiding in plain sight.


It’s best not to over-script these things.  A really good session always contains surprises, I reckon.


Let’s hope some of them are a bit cleaner, that’s all I can say.


I don’t see this ending well.


It’s silly to make such a fuss about a little thing like that.

Femdom fantasies

(Occasionally I need a title like that to keep the search engines interested, I feel).

Lucky Andy’s getting a freebie!
The sexy Mina Thorne in a menareslaves video.


She is good at dealing with feelings of guilt.


It’s quite a common condition. Thank goodness they’ve found a cure.


Let’s hope Steve’s nice.  And not too fat.


Interestingly, I find the stress often starts before I’m put into the position.

Cold comfort

…but not on the farm.


I’m not sure if I could manage that.  But I expect I’ll learn, over time.


Oh well.  As long as it’s completely voluntary, I suppose it’ OK.
This is the lovely, magnificent, Vancouver and Paris-based Mistress Eleise de Lacey. But then, you knew that didn’t you?


Gosh, it’s a long way down, isn’t it?


One day perhaps.


And replace them with inhibitions about disobedience.

We’re not worthy

Just never met the right girl, I guess.  Hard to strike up a meaningful conversation in seven seconds or less.


Happy to be of service.


Shame she doesn’t get sexual pleasure out of the beatings.  That’s two of you, then.


It’ s easy to get confused.


No comment.

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