A fairy tale romance

A fantasy-themed post, so unlike the gritty realism that normally charcterises this blog’s witterings.

Oddly, when Sissylocks later experienced the three paddles, she didn’t like any of them at all.
Well, a 50% chance of a swift painless stomp anyway. Depends on how the coin falls. But don’t worry: they’d never use their witchcraft to try to influence the outcome of a fair wager like that.
What a lovely story. I hope it never ends.
I don’t think those are bears. Bears are usually bigger, hairier and have beards.

The part of Goldilocks in this image was played by the magnificent… oh, you know who that is don’t you? Of course you do. But have you met her and sessioned with her? I have! Lucky lucky me.

If you do get the feeling that the cats might have it, try not to wiggle it or anything, or they’ll start playing with it. Cats can be cruel like that, but they don’t mean any harm: it’s just their natures.
I guess he’s a pup reporter! Sorry…

Trying not to pose

… for the cameras and the girls (trigger warning: no femdom, big hair, old-fashioned music from when Servitor was young, if such a thing can be imagined).

Always a tricky situation, but she knew exactly how to handle it to prevent embarassment. Women are better at reading social situations like that. Now… what kind of wine goes with spunk?
I’d be their catwalk.
She’s considering a suggestion from some productivity consultants that could eliminate that particular problem. The jerking-off, I mean, not the periods. That would be weird.
She doesn’t have any questions for you, either. It’s that kind of relationship, where you take the other person just as they are. She’s violent and sadistic and you’re… well: restrained and vulnerable. What’s to discuss?
Especially the ‘holding’ bit.
Like a threesome! Five, if you count the socks.

Unequal rites

Femdom dental nurse says open wide
The irony is that so far she hasn’t actually managed to remove the one that’s been aching lately.

Dommes just wanna have fun
It’s actually very unprofessional of her, because he requested no marks.

A proper apology is required
Maybe when it’s all finished she’ll let you have one.  Or maybe she’ll just leave you there for the night, like last time.  Marriage.  It’s an adventure.

Dominance is bliss
Sounds like a perfect match.  I should warn you, though, she does like it a bit kinky in bed.  And out of bed.

Anne has people to do the torturing for her
Always pushing the boundaries.  That’s star quality, that is.
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