Beneath contempt

… but I’m hoping to elevate myself to that level, through hard work and diligent attention to Her wishes.

Of course, bondage play is out of the question. But also unnecessary.

Yes.  A sympathy fuck would be just awful.  Don’t even think about it.

Don’t get frightened if your top brings out a long and detailed consent form, by the way. It’s the two-sentence versions that should worry you.
You can never have enough hats, gloves, slaves and shoes.
Travel Scrabble?

Only barely on topic

…as it doesn’t count as ‘found femdom’, because there isn’t really any femdom in it…

…but the new Wizard of Oz movie does have three delightfully forceful ladies in it, with some confusion about whether each is good or bad (best to be both at the same time, I have always thought, surely?).

Anyway, I think that Mila Kunis is remarkably beautiful.  See?

Now where have I seen that hat before?  Oh yes – it featured a lot in the early days of OWK.  Maybe the film studio bought it in the closing down sale.


Ms Kunis wears nice boots too, and runs very elegantly in them:
Hmm, but yes indeed, OWK did it first:
While her wicked – or possibly very good – sister Glinda, played by Michelle Williams, is (surely) the very image of the divine Ms Eleise de Lacy, from Femme Fatale films:



No, no, you have to look at her face to see the simila – oh, never mind, do what you like.


Don’t you think?
Or have I just been perving around the Internet too much… seeing dommes everywhere (oh I wish I did)?
I thought of trying to find a lookalike for the third sister, Evanore, played by Rachel Weisz.  I mean, she’s a little like the haughty (and sadly retired) Mistress Darla, or the clever and witty Ms Slide.
But then, looking like this, there’s really no need for her to look like any specific domme, is there?

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