Shame game

Fine, but I’m not putting his condom on for him this time.  I have my pride.



Don’t worry – the guys might think you look silly at first, but I’m sure they’ll be impressed when you go into your dance routine.





For a while my orgasm day was 29 February, but ‘we’ decided to stop all that, as it was getting a bit repetitive and predictable.




Women and knots, eh?  Bless ’em.

Which is a bit unfair if you have a fetish for being humiliatingly searched by ladies in positions of authority.  Oh well, at least she’s not wearing her uniform, so there’s a chance.





Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.

I once had a date with a girl who claimed never even to have heard of SPH, but she was really good at it.  I guess some people are naturals.

“Let the butt plug take the strain” was actually one of my few successes when I worked as an advertising copywriter.

On your toes and bent over – at the same time.  Welcome to the modern marriage.


Leading ladies

Oh, it would be just awful lying across that skirt having your backside whacked repeatedly with a heavy wooden hairbrush, don’t you think?  Awful.  No, no, please don’t do that.
Well at least she’s giving you a choice.
Oddly enough, it’s quite common to experience a powerful orgasm at the actual moment of castration.  Usually the surgeon just needs to take a moment to get her breath back and then finish the operation, though.

I see a happy ever after on the horizon.

You know, I write a lot here about being told I was ‘the worst fuck ever’ on dates, but actually it’s only happened to me once.

Speaking with authority

Once when I was in hospital I tried out the ‘just a little prick with a needle’ joke* on one of the nurses. But she just looked confused and said “But I’m the one with the needle.” I did feel a fool.

BDSM’s odd like that. Subs are actually much more interested in exactly how the implement feels than the dommes.  My SO seems to grab any old thing at random sometimes when she wants to hit me – I actually feel that shows a lack of respect, which is lovely, obviously.

Starting with this.

Makes it all worthwhile.

It’s rather an exciting art form, not least because it needs weekly refreshing.

* “I know you are, but what are you going to do with it?”.

The seven stages

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Indiferent denial, with a warning
  4. Bargaining
  5. Denial with retribution
  6. Desperate pleading
  7. Amused denial

You can get an app for it too.  Every day, it doesn’t remind you.

He thought if he told them he was a vicar they’d go easy on him.  He was wrong. My friend who’s an investment banker had a similar experience but much, much worse.

Fortunately, the balls don’t feel like the same thing either.  No more worrying about that knee!  But there are other things to worry about…
I didn’t understand why it had to be so wide, but then I met Richard.

It’s a ridiculous fantasy, of course.  You can’t just chop a man in half and then attach his dismembered body to separate halves of a sex doll.  Well… you can, obviously, but not so he continues to live. You’d think she’d have realised that after six tries, the silly thing.

Then someone falls in love… and someone’s beaten up

Actually, those things happened the other way around, but still… best day of my life.

No, it’s not medical malpractice.  His daughters, as the responsible carers, have to approve any unusual ‘treatments’ he receives.  And they have done.

That reminds me: you know those novelty jelly beans, where some taste awful?  Modelled on Harry Potter, obviously.  Well, I tried one that was supposed to be slug flavour the other day, and do you know, it was nothing like it?  How can they get away with stuff like that?
It wasn’t me.  I never.
Actually, there probably are some other things that would work.  She just hasn’t tried them all yet.

I thought the air hostesses were supposed to look after unaccompanied males until they’ve got through Immigration? 


And when she’s sure she makes sure you’re sure.

Giving until it hurts.

He is now.

Well, I hate being whipped, so I can see a difference of opinion there that won’t be easy to resolve.  Still, better not tell her. It’ll only make her cross.

They’re already planning a sequel.  With different male lead characters, obviously.


Since you made it all the way down here (try to work more quickly next time, OK? My Blogger stats show that most readers reach orgasm by the third caption so there’s really no excuse for needing all five) here’s a little extra.

The Portly Polar Pinniped has the best collection of ‘mainstream’ video clips I have ever seen.  Many of them very much themed along the ‘women’s world’ that this blog so often celebrates. He must be a busy little aquatic mammal and you’ll want to check out both his uploaded videos and his playlists.

There’s too many to single out all my favourites. But check out this playlist.  It starts with the Charlie’s Angels clip you’ve probably seen, but press on as I’ll bet there’s good stuff here you haven’t. Especially this (rather reminiscent of the Two Ronnies Worm that Turned of blissful childhood memory). Oh: and definitely  – def-in-ite-ly – this.  And so much more.

Flap your flippers together in appreciation of the portly pinniped!

Hard-core scorn

Anyway, she can’t chat long.  She’s just off to the pet shop.  Wants to buy a couple of dogs, apparently.

It’ll be good when you’re married and you can just just be yourself.
I’m gender non-binary.  Well.. gender fractional, anyway.  About 1/7, my SO reckons.


It’s good to know a domme with a really creative imagination.


Men and their gadgets.  You can give him just as unpleasant a night with some good old-fashioned rope, a cold dripping shower and some nipple clamps.  Why does everything have to be so hi tech?

Regular readers will have gathered by now that this is a very, very hard limit for me.  I’m careful never to tell my SO, though, so it’s just a secret between you, dear Internet, and me.

Sounds like their sex life is about to improve.  Well, hers is.  His doesn’t sound like it’s worth keeping, really.

That is a lot simpler. Like her approach to marital arguments: also very simple indeed.

I am actually very sensitive to gender issues in the workplace.  Painfully sensitive, even.  When women are treated disrespectfully I feel physically bruised: sometimes immediately, sometimes a while later.

She’ll tell me what she wants

(what she really really wants).

This is the magnificent Lady Sonia, of course.  I’m a several-times client and believe me this is not a joke.

I hope she hurries up. The other guys are waiting.  How come they don’t have to ask their wives for money?  Huh.  I suppose they must have saved out of their allowances.

The photo’s a bit deceptive.  It’s actually only a drop of a hundred feet or so. Much less scary than pissing your domme off, anyway – up you go.

Actually, the joke’s on her because I love the humiliation of being considered a loser, like that.  So I win!  Oh hang on…

Awww… isn’t she sweet?
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