Scream queens

I never went trick-or-treating as a child – it was just an American thing in those days – but it’s everywhere now.  We often get complimented on how much effort we’ve made to make the house look like a spooky haunted house of torture and pain, but really it’s just the outdoor summer toys (which are occasionally used in winter too, when I’ve been particularly bad).  Halloween does have the advantage of being the evening on which I can answer the door without having to conceal my chains, I suppose, which is nice.

Nothing terribly spooky about today’s captions, I’m afraid, but I’ve tried to choose some at the darker end of what is already rather a sombre spectrum. 

Well, I think that’s disgraceful.  She shouldn’t have taken the veil if she doesn’t believe in it.  It should be a spiritual calling, not just an excuse for hot latex-clad lesbian sex while torturing naked males. Too many people just do religion for the ritual, to my mind.



Ooh – like a college reunion?  I wonder what activities they’ve got planned.

“Erm… oh gosh, now look here, errrrmmmmm!”  etc

With the birds.  Where else are they going to go?  Don’t worry, though: they’re not predatory.  Those curving beaks are just for cracking nuts.

Don’t worry, Mistress will be back soon. How long can you stay in a beach bar with a bunch of guys, anyway?

Oh go on, then: have a Halloween-themed extra that is explicitly not about Halloween.


Sing when she’s winning


Scurry scurry scurry!



Much like his response to the question the priest will be asking him a little later.


I’ve occasionally asked my SO whether she’d consider putting me on obedience pills but weirdly she says she prefers an occasional bit of disobedience. Which is odd, because she always seems so cross about it… women, eh?




Even if he sued her and won, there’d be the question of damages and I think any competent (i.e. female) lawyer would advise that those would be derisory and purely token, at best.

It’s all part of growing up. 


Rule 18

A while ago I published one of my helpful posts aimed at novice dommes and subs, drawing upon my years of experience to give guidance – top tips, so to speak – so the new generation can avoid the mistakes of its predecessors. 

Within that, I suggested what has become known – to me at least – as ‘Servitor’s Rule 18’, namely: 


Since then, I keep coming across* images online which can only cause me to think that no one reads this blog.  Rule 18 violations abound.  Here are a few – just a few – examples



CFEM play: Clothed Female, Exhibited Male.  Note, however, that most clients admitting to a fetish for ‘exhibitionism’ are unlikely to be seeking to be put in a glass case with a small type-written card explaining their provenance and archaeological significance. But for those that do: Rule 18 applies.



Eskimo play (more properly called Inuit play nowadays) is actually straightforward enough if you happen to own a punishment igloo and have access to dried seal meat. However, most clients request the domme to wear an outfit (not shown) that can be hot and uncomfortable, so this qualifies for Rule 18.





Servitor top tip: if the scene requires knowledge of industrial chemistry it’s probably a Rule 18 violation.




Dalek dress | Doctor who cosplay, Doctor who costumes, Dalek costume
Actually, this one’s quite a turn-on for me.  Now where’s my sonic?




Known in the business as ‘Violet Beauregarde play’, I believe.  Dommes attempting it are advised not to use pumps that can exceed the officially recommended pressure (and if not sure, should undertake the inflation in an open public space).




Ah, yes: ‘Latex nun birdcage guy’.  My SO remembers sessioning with him. She still has the birdcage somewhere.


Rule 18… so very Rule 18.



NB: for anyone taking this all too seriously (a) you’re reading the wrong blog, mate; (b) YKINMK-ETDAMTLN-BIRYKAAMKAFWT**.


* Note to self: remember to add feeble ejaculation-related pun down here. 

** Your kink is not my kink – except the dalek and maybe the latex nun – but I respect your kink and anyway my kinks are fucking weird too.  

Craven cravings


It’s not that Robert can’t do his own, obviously.  But you’re so much better at it than him – and so much worse at sex.  It just makes sense all round.


You’ll notice she hasn’t said you have to decide quickly, as she’s getting a lot of interest from other potential occupants?  That’s because she isn’t and anyway, she’s already decided.



A cover’s probably best.  They’re quite compassionate, the two of them, so having something unpleasant like that in sight could ruin what they had planned to be rather a special moment.



Ah… back in the time when the gimp suit came off at the end of the day. I miss that stage of our relationship, but times change, I suppose, and we move on.




It’s best not to quibble about the word ‘enjoy’.  It’s like the word ‘slavery’ – means different things to different people.

Ghastly perversions


She finds she meets interesting people when she walks you in the park.  And tedious but enslaveable ones too.



She’s a very spiritual person, as you can tell.

I don’t know what the bad things were in my brain that the doctor removed but there must have been a lot of them, because it’s very empty now.  Thank goodness I have a loving wife to remember things for me.


The taste of ‘shut the fuck up’ will always be associated for me with the sharp, painful feeling of ‘because I say so’.



Or he won’t.  Whatever.

Astounding Stories

 Once again, this blog departs from its usual focus on gritty realism, this time for a sci-fi special!  There’s nothing wrong with departing on an occasional flight of fantasy: it doesn’t mean I forget about the daily reality of boots to lick clean, panties to hand-wash and having to follow obscurely complicated rules governing my chastity regime.

And before you start, no: as a matter of fact, the blog post does not just feature stills of Anne in a space suit in InterstellarAnyway, I’ve done that before.  There are other sci-fi movies and shows, you know.  These for instance They’re just not as good because they don’t feature Anne in a space suit.  


Come to think of it, though*, Talulah in a space suit does actually put Dr Who almost on a par with Interstellar… but it was only for two episodes and she wasn’t in the second of those for long.

 More Dr Who femdom here.  Sort of.



A popular theme for ‘alternative history’ stories**, as I understand it, is the US Civil War.  I read one once which re-imagined the whole slavery thing as being about race, rather than sex, which is pretty weird when you think about it – surely it would be obvious that all men, no matter what their race or creed, are worthless and inferior?  But that’s science fiction for you: it takes you to a different place, the better to appreciate the reality in which we live.

Hmmm.  I was a bit suspicious at first, but I think I believe she’s who she says she is.  Or maybe I just don’t care.  Would you?…

More Gal here… and all the Gal here.

Yes, I think I probably will.

Be gentle with them.

* But please catch it in your hand if you do.

** The lady in the picture is educated and speaks properly, using correct grammar.  Cosequently, when speaking of parallel worlds, she uses the word ‘alternative’ to mean something which is an equivalent but not identical choice, as opposed to ‘alternate’ which means taking turns, as in ‘alternating motor’.  I realise that many of the ‘readers’ of this site, especially from the United Matriarchy of America, might prefer to use the phrase ‘alternate reality’, but they would be wrong – as I am sure she would be delighted to explain, in an educative manner.

Inferior sex

It’s the only kind I’ve ever provided, according to my SO.  Although how she can come to such a firm judgement after only one (barely even one, technically speaking) occasion escapes me.  Oh well.

Dommes can be surprisingly clumsy, for such elegant goddesses. I once spent a few hours tied to a cross on the floor of a BDSM club and it was just astonishing how many ladies managed to walk into me.  And all from the same direction.

It’ll be all right on the day.  She’ll make sure of that.

If you read that caption and ended up feeling almost unbearable envy for Pookie, then you’re in the right place.

The lovely Maya Sin, who once slapped and humiliated Servitor for a few hours, providing much-needed certainty.  She seems temporarily(?) to have disappeared from the Internet but here is a page about her.

All of them?  Or should they come up in threes?

She had the right to remain silent, but I understand she waived it.

Pictures of attractive young women saying vaguely threatening things

Just trying out a more literal approach to naming these posts.  I have to say, though, I reckon “Attractive young women saying vaguely threatening things” would make a great name for a band.

My muscles are relaxed.  The rest of me is suddenly feeling strangely tense.

Romantic moment ahead!  No spoilers, but let’s just say this turned out to be the turning point in their relationship.  This is when it became serious… really serious.


Don’t worry: she’ll make sure he drinks plenty of liquids too. 




Oh, OK.  Plenty of time then.  She’s not planning to turn it any further until after tea.



I don’t know about you but I just seem to be constantly charging appliances.  If it’s not the phone, it’s the shock collar, if it’s not the shock collar it’s the cattle prod.  I’m sure life was simpler in the old days.  Even on our wedding night… turned out I was supposed to have charged up her vibrator.  She wasn’t pleased, I can tell you.

It’s savage and it’s cruel

And it shines like destruction.  Mistress Lennox, of course, and her beardy boy.

There’s an important difference.  Voyeurs get sexual gratification from watching other people have sex, while humiliation freaks get sexual gratification from not getting sexual gratification.

Unlike many wives, his wife doesn’t at all mind his going to strip clubs and suchlike with his mates.  She must be very open-minded.

Actually, I’m feeling a bit queasy.  Is that supposed to happen?

Easy mistake to make: most of their ponies are geldings already.  Surprising he’s lasted this long, really.  Maybe they’ve been busy.

Oh well.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, as long as she’s in a good mood.

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