Rule 18

A while ago I published one of my helpful posts aimed at novice dommes and subs, drawing upon my years of experience to give guidance – top tips, so to speak – so the new generation can avoid the mistakes of its predecessors. 

Within that, I suggested what has become known – to me at least – as ‘Servitor’s Rule 18’, namely: 


Since then, I keep coming across* images online which can only cause me to think that no one reads this blog.  Rule 18 violations abound.  Here are a few – just a few – examples



CFEM play: Clothed Female, Exhibited Male.  Note, however, that most clients admitting to a fetish for ‘exhibitionism’ are unlikely to be seeking to be put in a glass case with a small type-written card explaining their provenance and archaeological significance. But for those that do: Rule 18 applies.



Eskimo play (more properly called Inuit play nowadays) is actually straightforward enough if you happen to own a punishment igloo and have access to dried seal meat. However, most clients request the domme to wear an outfit (not shown) that can be hot and uncomfortable, so this qualifies for Rule 18.





Servitor top tip: if the scene requires knowledge of industrial chemistry it’s probably a Rule 18 violation.




Dalek dress | Doctor who cosplay, Doctor who costumes, Dalek costume
Actually, this one’s quite a turn-on for me.  Now where’s my sonic?




Known in the business as ‘Violet Beauregarde play’, I believe.  Dommes attempting it are advised not to use pumps that can exceed the officially recommended pressure (and if not sure, should undertake the inflation in an open public space).




Ah, yes: ‘Latex nun birdcage guy’.  My SO remembers sessioning with him. She still has the birdcage somewhere.


Rule 18… so very Rule 18.



NB: for anyone taking this all too seriously (a) you’re reading the wrong blog, mate; (b) YKINMK-ETDAMTLN-BIRYKAAMKAFWT**.


* Note to self: remember to add feeble ejaculation-related pun down here. 

** Your kink is not my kink – except the dalek and maybe the latex nun – but I respect your kink and anyway my kinks are fucking weird too.  

0 thoughts on “Rule 18”

  1. Definitely the dalek. Could we perhaps see a follow up on the hand washing and ironing that follows playtime?

    Anonymous Admirer

  2. Erm…maybe, I suppose. You lost me a bit there. Are we talking about dalek costumes or more generally?

    It's just that, in my relationship, my SO prefers the hand-washing and ironing to take place at the same time as playtime. It gives me something to do while she's busy.

    Best wishes


  3. By the way, is 'Anonymous Admirer' the same person as 'Humble Anonymous Commentator'?

    If not, I have say it's getting hard to keep track of the names of all these anonymous people.

    Best wishes, whoever you are.


  4. I don't know that museum for males (those that haven't been EXTERMINATED!!!! by the Dalek) is just the sort of educational exhibit that is encouraged these days. But lots of the young aren't interested in the past. Femsup p.s hope you recognise little old Femsup.

  5. Well of course I ecognise Femsup. Who else has time and inclination to write a whole series of amusing comments on this blog when (quite frankly) I suspect he really ought to be getting on with his chores.

    I think young people should be reminded about the bad old days: it helps them appreciate the world we live in today. I happened to be walking past the Museum of the Crimes of the Patriarchy just the other day when a large party of schoolgirls came out and I can tell you – they were fired up about the injustices they had seen on display. I thought maybe I was in trouble, but fortunately they decided I was not male enough to be worth trying any 'street justice' on, so I escaped mainly intact. But it just goes to show how educational these places can be.

    Best wishes


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