The turning of the seasons

I wish they would turn… all is dark, cold and bleak at this time of year*.  Still, there’s always Turning Points, the increasingly contrived mildly suggestive femdom scenes for which I ran out of good ideas years back, but continue posting out of sheer bloody-mindedness**.














* And at other times of year if you’re one of those chaps who spends his time chained up naked in a cellar.  But very few of those have Internet access, so you’re probably not.

** Experienced ‘tops’ will no doubt recognise this as ‘brattish’ behaviour and will doubtless have ideas on how to deal with it.

The reality of BDSM relationships…

 …. will nowhere feature in this post* as this one is about magic and fairy tales.  Sorry.

Their marriage remained strong all through their lives, I’m happy to be able to report, although it’s true that ‘occasional froggy days’ soon grew to outnumber the non-froggy days.  And she also got a lid for the jar, but that was more because of a very close shave involving her cat than anything one could truly call ‘oppressive’.

Actually, the signs were there from the very first night of the Prince’s ball.  Anyone outside his palace soon after her dramatic arrival would have seen the ‘horses’ gasping in heaving lungfuls of air to get their breath back after the journey – as well as the whip marks on the backs of the ‘horses’ and ‘footmen’.  But if anyone noticed, they didn’t tell the Prince.  Ah well. 

She does occasionally put honey on things.  And not only to attract fire-ants to pegged-down naked humans screaming in fear, just in case you were wondering.

You can bet if I’m ever shrunk by an evil witch, I’ll be no more than three inches tall… four, tops.  It’s just my luck.

On the other hand, with the stepsisters gone and the Prince preoccupied (obsessed, even), Cinderella was able to inherit her father’s cobbler’s business.  She became quite rich, in due course, when the Prince became King and everyone wanted to wear boots like the Queens’*. 

* Or any post here, frankly.

* Note the position of the apostrophe on that word.

Kindness costs nothing

… but structured, skillfully-applied cruelty can be quite expensive.  Worth every penny, though.

Unlike many modern feminists, Clara actually quite enjoys explaining things to sexists.

…and if you’re not OK with it, she can work that into the scene too.
Reminds me of the time I had to unpack all of my luggage in front of two lady customs officers, once.  Goodness, their contemptuous laughter still rings in my ears. It’s not that I had anything embarassing in the luggage, you understand.  I just have this effect on women.

Thank goodness it’s nothing personal.

Oh, not again… you know, I think her watch might be a bit fast, actually.

Bossy boots

See?  Told you that in the future, boots would stamp down on male faces forever.  Or was that George Orwell?  Anyway, I have pictures to prove it.

It might get a bit smelly in there, that’s the only thing.  But don’t worry: they’ll hose the crate down before you’re introduced to your new owners.

Wife and mother… it’s like two jobs rolled into one.

Don’t worry, they’ll make sure you get all the way to the top.

Looks pretty clean already to me.  You don’t suppose she’s not a real biker by any chance, do you?

Ah, Mistress Eleise.  Even dressed in her daily work clothes like this, she’s stunning.

If it’s Friday, this must be Belgium

Regular readers will know that occasionally I depart from the fantasy theme of this blog to give practical, down-to-earth advice to subs on visiting dommes. See this, this or this, or even this for example.

But my stats tell me that this blog has readers from all over the world and especially the USA, so I was thinking it might be time for a post especially for the American subs.  No – I don’t mean one using particularly short and simple words.  I do that anyway, because I am well aware that many of this blog’s readers are male and I don’t think it’s fair to make it too difficult for them to follow, in the brief amount of computer time they’re allowed.  I mean a post that helps US visitors to Europe navigate the complex but fascinating cultural backwaters my tired old continent possesses. 

So here – in a bid to alienate the majority of my readership – is some advice to a US sub, visiting Europe. Have a nice day now, y’hear?



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