Czeching accounts

Some newly arrived slaves fear that a night alone and abandoned in a cold prison cell will be hard to take – but they often find that, actually, when the Ladies arrive the next morning to take them out, they find themselves looking back fondly on the hours of merely being uncomfortable and cold, with a nice strong steel door between themselves and the rest of OWK.



Looks like he’s losing.  They always do, oddly enough.





The local hospital is getting a bit fed up, to be honest.  I mean, there’s pandemic on: they can’t keep dealing with minor fractures and burns, the whole time.


Of course, you’ll want something to wash it down with.  They do have an expert sommelière but actually all of the ladies are ready and only too willing to whip out a funnel and provide some liquid refreshment to their own personal specification. 






Some of the ladies love waking up to the cheerful singing of the ‘guests’ working beneath their windows.  Others hate it and storm outside furiously, at the slightest sound, to dole out misery to anyone disturbing their precious sleep.  But then at OWK, you have to take the rough with… well, you have to take the rough, anyway.





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