Sexual veneration

I have quite a few tattoos – my SO says it gives her a feeling of ownership. Mostly shopping lists or phone numbers.

Still, she’s wearing a proper medical outfit, so you know you’re safe in professional hands.

Poor Andy.  Bet he felt humiliated!
I’m quite good at scrabble.  I’m rubbish at blow jobs, though… everyone says so.

Looks like someone has forgotten the virtues of kindness!  Honestly, saying such hurtful about Felicity; it’s hardly in the spirit of charity and forgiveness that the Order prescribes, is it? 

Taking her hand in marriage

If you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, you might have to take the cane as well.

On we go.

I wonder if they have a ‘bring your daughter to work’ day, too?

Submissive porn search history
Best not to look nervous at this point.  Just relax. I’m sure she’s very broadminded.

Last warning femdom
The only thing worse than being locked up in chastity is being in chastity and not locked up, I think you’ll find.

Female led always
That’s a relief.

Domination is a serious business
Don’t even mention little blue men.  Unless you want Victoria to cane you.  Do you?  Oh…OK.  Well, go ahead then.

Well heeled

They are, and so am I when they let me get close.

Still, he got his money’s worth.

Adventurous femdom wife
Goodness.  This looks as if it’s about to get very adventurous.  Positively kinky.

Other world kingdom
I can only ‘take’ a few strokes, I’m ashamed to say.  Fortunately what she can ‘give’ is what actually matters.

Sex with cuckold
Hey – you can be her girlfriend, though, right?  All the fun and none of that complicated sex stuff?

There.  I told you it would be all right.

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