Angel with the scourge

Two scourging angels, ready to inspire and if need be correct, profoundly religious thoughts.
Of course, it doesn’t need to be reserved solely for cuckold play. Plenty of uses for a pillory and it’s not like she has someone in her bed every night of the week,
Question asked, question answered. Time to move on.
Opinion among mistresses is divided as to whether it’s a good idea for sissies to have thinking time. Why spend so much time doing something they’re not good at?
Her brutality is rarely, if ever, unreasonable.
More and more women are discovering the fun that can be had with a golf club, especially in the company of a supportive man.

Too late to reconsider

(no one’s gonna wanna know yer… trigger warning: vanilla video unrelated to femdom)

It took him ages to get her interested in golf, you know.


Men can be such drama queens.  Getting upset over the littlest things.


Oh, OK.  As long as I know. Thanks.
What a sad little caption.  Sad little servitor wrote it.


Press them but not mount them.

The sound of one hand clapping

…while the other holds you firmly across her lap, obviously.

Before we start with the captioned images of female domination, a big thank you to Bob (or possibly BOB), for all of the thoughtful, enthusiastic and just plain deviant comments he left over the last few days, on posts going right back to the start of the blog.  I’m not going to reply to each one, but I do really appreciate people leaving comments, particularly positive ones (from male readers – those whose genetics are not ruined by the presence of y-chromosomes are very welcome to leave contemptuous abuse).  Thanks Bob (or possibly BOB)!

Here we go then:

Femdom wife wont give you pocket money
There’s something that doesn’t seem quite fair about the prospect of displeasing her through ‘getting whipped too hard’.

Two dominatrices and only one slave
Mistresses Sidonia and Darla, of course.  Extraordinary ladies.  And just little old you to keep them amused.  Good luck with that.

Lick it up and like it boy
Fortunately there’s plenty.  If you don’t get this, maybe you’ll recognise the socks and underwear you’ve got to wash.

If shes not a femdom golfer she certainly should be
Just look at that expression.  Aren’t you glad you’re not Mark?

No, nor am I.  Lucky sod.

Whipped to please wifes lesbian lover
Well, she doesn’t exactly say how many orgasms that was.  It might just be one. 
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