Stinging rejoinders

Let her enjoy the moment, can’t you? For as long as it lasts.
I think a nun could be perfect and still not free from sin. Miss Kenworthy here is – quite literally – a perfect example.
Less is more, they say. And it’s better to give than receive, which I’ve certainly found to be true in my marriage.
Even without direct knowledge, obviously she does know in general terms how painful it is. She’s very knowledgable on that sort of thing.
Funny how ‘can’ means ‘must’ sometimes.
A day trip to remember.

Someone to look up to

That’s the nice thing about really painful experiences in session – you just have to react naturally.
The Collective believes that all property, including males, should belong to the group as a whole. All citizens are equal – and all slaves are equal too, I suppose.
Don’t you just hate waiting until she’s finished on the phone? There are all those moments when she seems to be saying goodbye, then it’s ‘oh – one more thing!’. I find it very frustrating.
You can play Jabba the Hut… some sort of sluglike vermin, anyway.
Don’t worry, the prep isn’t at all uncomfortable. Just a shave, which might tickle a bit, then securing your hands and ankles firmly to the trolley, which many men find to be quite cosy and reassuring.
What do dommes do to unwind? This, it seems.

Divine furies

No, not ‘furries’. The Furies “were goddesses of vengeance and justice. Symbolized by snakes and blood, the Furies travelled the earth dispensing punishment, as well as torturing souls in the Underworld, the Greek realm of the dead.” Don’t they sound lovely?

That’s the thing about girls that boys often don’t get: girls like to play together as a team, all working towards a common goal even in what is notionally a competition. Superior social skills, you see. They hunt in packs.
Of course, she’s going to need occasional videos to prove he’s still alive and they’re treating him right.
Some subs find real ashtray play with lit cigarettes quite challenging but the trick is to adopt the right attitude: as long as the domme doesn’t give a flying fuck whether they find it difficult or not, it’ll all work out.
It’s a mistake to think boys don’t need any education in maths. If a pair of panties takes 30% longer to handwash when it’s her time of the month, for example, what time on a Sunday does her sissy maid have to begin washing the week’s supply in order to leave time to start the dinner? Of course, males can get help – my SO very frequently lets me practice counting, along with thanking her.
Haven’t you got better things to do than just stare at her suspenders and stocking tops? No? Oh, OK then.
Kitten doesn’t want you to be sad. She wants you to be happy because she’s happy.

…and a bonus image, in the unlikely event that any of you have been following the viral ‘Bentley girl’ breakout of the lady pictured above (whom I call ‘Kitten’ and place – no doubt grossly unfairly – in captioned images to epitomise exploitative but hot ‘sugar daddy’ style findomme). Example video here, Kitten herself getting into the joke here….

If you don’t know the videos, you won’t get it, and it’s not femdom… but then that’s why it’s a bonus, see? Like getting an extra slap from a domme when leaving a session, without paying any more.

Punishing workloads

…but these ladies always manage to deliver.

It’s a win-win for her, which is just as well because she really hates losing.

Don’t worry about whether you’ll be able to satisfy her. That’s one of the nice things about being a pain toy: she does all the work and you just have to go with the flow.  Let Joy be unconfined.

Necessary suffering, obviously, is something she can fully support.

This is, of course, Miss Chambers, possessor of the finest, most elegant nose in femdom, and to be found (nostalgically) on the Cruella web site.

My own SO, I am glad to say, does not approve of whipping for minor, trivial faults.  I have yet to discover a fault she considers to be minor and trivial, but when I do I am sure that will come as a great relief.

Hmm…  Think think think.  I expect she’ll remember eventually, as long as she’s not distracted by something more important.

Impertinent features

The clever bit of the trick isn’t how she stubs the cigarette out, it’s how she has persuaded you to accept it – and even pay for the privilege.

The lovely Miss Zoe, who once gave me an unforgettable cuddle after a particularly hard spanking.



Gal wouldn’t need to lasso me to make me tell her the truth.  But she’s very welcome to do so anyway.




They say it gets easier after a year or two, so just keep going.


Ah, I’d forgotten that I’d done this one, when discussing precisely this situation on Paltego’s blog.




Women will only be truly free when every male is enslaved.  It’s sad that it has to be that way but… oh, hang on, it’s not sad at all, is it?


A domme’s a domme for a’ that


Hmm?  You want to know what? 
The ‘most domme thing I’ve ever done’?

Oh, I dunno.  The
usual stuff, you know?  Whipping,
ball-busting… humiliation scenes.  I
mean, the first time you piss on a guy, for instance, you think, like ‘this is
radical’ but then a bit later you just find yourself putting the kettle
on an hour before a piss session without even really thinking about it.  It’s just an extra cup of tea.

Or the first time you stub a cigarette out on someone – like
I’m going to with this one.  He wasn’t expecting that, actually – just watch him shit himself now!  But it’s just the job, really.

Oh – there was this one time!  I got some guy’s name wrong when setting up a
session – it was one of those that can be spelt different ways, like ‘John’
with and without an ‘h’ right?  And he
wrote this creepy email in sub-speak, you know the sort of thing: “Most
imperious and perfect Mistress, although it is not the place of a mere slave to disagree with You, this worthless worm would humbly note’ – and all that. 
Irregular capitalisation, even – I hate that.  So I just snapped off this dommy reply:
“I am never wrong, so change your name by deed poll, slave!  I will not see you in session until I see proof you have
done so.” 

Anyway… he did! 
I’d forgotten all about it, but then a few weeks later he got in touch again and he’d uploaded these documents to prove it – you get an amendment to your birth certificate, apparently.  Showed some commitment, anyway – makes a change from slaves who want to
spend hours cleaning your flat then get bored after five minutes and start whining
to be spanked.  Changed his actual name,
just like that.  He must have had to sort
out bank accounts, passports, god knows what.

Funny thing, though: I never did session with him.  As it happens I was going through some
changes in my life just then, wanted to cut down the number of slaves I was
seeing, so I just started saying no to new ones.  He was quite persistent, now I come to think
of it.  Had to block the annoying little
bastard’s email address, in the end.

Hmm?  Oh I don’t
remember.  John or Stephen or something
like that.  You know – a name that can be
spelt different ways?  That’s the point
of the story, anyway – it doesn’t actually matter who he was, does it?

Right.  Time to put this cigarette
out.  If you want to see
something ‘domme’ watch this.  New experience for maggot here, though I’ve done it thousands of times.  He’s been lying there all this time, shitting himself wondering how much it’ll hurt.  Hurts like hell, actually – pretty hard-core stuff, but it’s about time he had his limits stretched.  Fucking wimp.

Don’t you dare drop my fag packet, maggot!  Or break it by biting too hard.

Here we go.


The part of the domme in this little tale was played by Lady Sophia Black, undoubtedly one of the dommiest dommes it has ever been my extraordinarily good fortune to encounter.   She is beautiful, haughty, creative and – tragically – retired.






And make her some great Princess, six feet high!

Grand, epic, homicidal.

Armpit Fetishist Monthly is just another example of the decline of traditional media, another fine publication swept away by the Internet.  I recall their cookery page with particular affection.
…and by the way, I have posted this before even with the same comment, but… Oh.  My.  Goddess.  I have to see this  movie!
My office established a system of disciplinary procedures for inappropriate sexual activity. Which to my mind is just having your cake and eating it too… or would be, were I allowed cake.
I’m thinking of paella – perhaps a nice Rioja to go with it? And maybe Roger might like to try bastinado, in keeping with the Spanish theme.
With luck, she’ll take up chewing gum obsessively.
Love hurts and so does she.
By the way, this lady is going to feature here rather a lot from now on. Unless she takes out an injunction or something (don’t you hate it when women do that?).   Nata!

You know how bad girls get

Ah.. school days – cold showers, long tedious detentions, horrible over-cooked cabbage for lunch, exams and homework… not to mention the corporal punishment and the humiliating bullying.  It seems so long ago now… must be months at least. I really must book another session.

No I never said that!  So unfair, you horrible old cow.  Oops.

But not so brave as to refuse. There’s brave and there’s sheer suicidal lunacy.

Spelling ‘wear’ wrong shouldn’t go unnoticed and uncorrected, either. 
Mistress Teresa May, obviously.  Of all the things that could complicate a career in professional domination, “Having the same name as the Prime Minister” (or vhery nhearly the same) was probably not one that she anticipated.
I think she’s probably right there.  You might have to conduct a careful examination of her feet before you’re sure, though.

He probably doesn’t know what the capital of Gabon is. Trouble is, nor does she.  I wonder how they’ll resolve the impasse?

Sub title


On the other hand, until she’s actually checked the lingerie, she won’t know.  I mean, he might.

Safewords are a hard limit for my own domme.  She understands why some people like to use them in play, but it’s just not for her.  Or – therefore – for me, obviously.

Oohhh I ‘d say… three times…maybe three and a half times?  Oh – sorry – you mean in absolute terms?
Gotta take out those male supremacist religious maniacs.  We like female supremacist religious maniacs.  With a vigorous approach to rooting out sin.

I’ve heard employers like to see a broad range of skills on your CV (resumé, Americans, resumé), so this sounds like 10,000 hours well spent.

So pretty, oh so pretty

Not the version by those dreadful yobs, of course, but by Mistress Joan.

Oh well, I suppose it’s something to take my mind off it.

She’s Prisoner Welfare Officer too, so you know she’s got your best interests at heart.
A lot of new findommes have the wrong idea about financial domination.  It’s actually quite hard work. But not for the domme, obviously.

This being a fantasy blog, I expect she’s going to ‘punish’ you by doing all the things you’ve always dreamed about, rather than just divorcing you and exposing you to ridicule in the newspapers. 

They’re very zealous about it. Indeed, I believe that some of his team are about to raid an establishment where they’ve received a tip-off about repeated violations of the ban on smoking in the workplace.  They don’t give any warning – just burst straight in through the door, cameras at the ready.

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