It’s the pleasure and the pain

 Nice video, shame about the song.



What – I can’t even make a suggestion?  No?  Oh, OK then.




And very nicely bruised too, if I may say so, thank you, Ma’am.




Goodness, how unpleasant it would be to be paddled by her.  I expect you regret now not thinking this through, right?




Unpardonable, because at OWK the males get plenty to eat.  Not all of it technically ‘food’ the way that word is usually defined, but they certainly ingest a lot of things through their mouths – and other orifices too.



Maybe she’d respect you more if you stood up for yourself?  Can’t hurt to try.  Although she’s not one to change her mind easily… and neither, if I’m being honest, is her mother.  Maybe better to cower, after all.  Fetch the whip, anyway: best not to keep her waiting.



Since you’ve read down this far, you’re probably desperate an avid follower of femdom, so maybe you already know this, but the Cruella site has some lovely stuff up right now.  The ‘Cruella’s World’ page has a lot of photos and some photostories.  Some of the stories are from the old Cruella magazine, back in the 90s, including two of my favourites (because they are delightfully vicious) from back then: Rise & Fall of Men’s Lib and Thumbs Up.  Others are more modern… I even wrote one of them, under a pseudonym (a different pseudonym, I mean, cos ‘Servitor’ is not my real name, remarkably enough).  Anyway.  Get on over there, it’s wonderful.  Even some rare photos of Miss Chambers and her lovely, lovely nose.

Hers to keep



And of course there’s no rule that says you can’t use any twice.  Or even more often than that.




I expect Sasha will get the hang of it.  One excuse for a beating’s almost as good as another; it’s silly to get hung up on narrative consistency.  I never do – as readers of my stories will attest.




He’s probably thinking he’s not really up to moving like greased lightening, at his age.  But that’s the thing about femdom – you can always surprise yourself.




Subbie hear, subbie do.

Many submissive men get quite hung up on how wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers and so on will react to their fetish.  But the truth is, many of them just don’t care at all and haven’t the least interest in us.   I find it quite humiliating…. yum.



Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.

I once had a date with a girl who claimed never even to have heard of SPH, but she was really good at it.  I guess some people are naturals.

“Let the butt plug take the strain” was actually one of my few successes when I worked as an advertising copywriter.

On your toes and bent over – at the same time.  Welcome to the modern marriage.


Head under heels

That’s the way I fell in love, many years and almost as many orgasms ago…

It’s important to fight back against the stereotypes.  Wear the t-shirt, use the hashtag, carry the pliers.

Well, it’s more romantic than stealing them from clotheslines.

It’s best not to think about it too much.  Thinking generally isn’t a sissy maid’s strong point anyway.

I’ve never really understood knitwear fetishism, although enforced knitting as an alternative to line-writing has its attractions.

Thank goodness for that. Lots of vanilla escorts wouldn’t have been so in tune with your needs, you know, might have just gone ahead and given you a blow job anyway.  She’s obviously very special.


What a lovely word.  I am her thrall.

Happiest day of your life!  And don’t you forget it, you ungrateful little bastard, or she’ll give you something to be unhappy about!


It’s not just convicted sexists, either.  Carry the donor card, help someone to look fabulous after your death.

I’ve never liked spiders. Bitter acrid flavour and the legs get stuck between your teeth.

Looks fun.  And they give you a little souvenir bag of sugar at the end of the month.  Give it to your domme, the next time you book a normal session and thank your lucky stars it’s just fantasy play.

He found her through a card she’d put up in the local telegraphy office.

Fair maidens, faint hearts

I find it’s always easier to tell the truth. The aftermath is sometimes extremely difficult.

I have my pride.  At least, I did. Hang on…it’s got to be here somewhere.

By a curious coincidence, I got the cattle prod for ‘last night’ the very second day of my marriage.
I get quite excited about this sort of thing.
I heard Jason was having an operation so I sent flowers and my best wishes for a full recovery.  Well, you never know, he might.


Noun: the state of being a subject.  That used to be me but now I’m more objective.

No great loss, right?
Somehow it still feels like I’m on the leash, even when I’m not.  Strange, that.
I rolled a six this month!  But apparently “rules are made to be broken”!  Not her usual attitude to rules, I have to say… but that’s women for you.  Bless ’em.
She’s already being the best wife she can. That’s why you’re wearing the shock collar.

My brain hurts.  Sorry: I think I’m just too male today to understand this one. Something about a hash?  Is she talking about breakfast?

There is no fire

Music only a little related. But don’t you just love the way Mistress Lennox’s voice sort of… swoops in at the start? I do. And I tried to find a version with a video, and I found this and she looks lovely, but someone’s ringing a bell, playing an electric organ and generally messing up that opening.

Sigh.  First world problems…

More things follow:

I had this wonderful puppy play session in the park, the other day.  She did that thing of making me balance a twig on my nose in sitting position?  And then she backed slowly away saying ‘stay… stayyyy’.  It’s actually quite hard to stay still for long like that, so after only seven hours, I sneezed and the twig fell off. If I ever see her again, I’ll have to tell her and be punished. Exciting thought!


Oh, just a plain vanilla ball-crusher, then? OK, sorry.  Just go ahead.

I still remember the first time she called me a ‘lazy little bastard’…
It’s actually not quite true to say she doesn’t care. She enjoys making you cry. But she’s trying to spare your feelings, the dear thing.

Yup. All about the rules.

Spankable moments

If the other maids don’t mind, why should you?


Paying €200 per hour only enhances the humiliation of line-writing or corner time, I find.

And don’t forget that a spit-roast is charged at anal rates at both ends.

They say size doesn’t matter, but even fully lubed up I find that it does.

It’s symbolic of something or other.  Most things are.

When a boy loves a woman

He’d give up all his comforts and sleep out in the rain, if she said that’s the way it ought to be.

Free healthcare?
Perhaps you could charm her into giving you a free drink.
Any man complaining about how frustrated he feels in chastity is just missing the point.  Still: the wives are involved now, so things should get back on track.
Music has charms.  So does she.
No rush.  He can stay like that for a long time.  Let’s talk through those options.
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