Not now, John

I’d forgotten this had femdommy bits – mildly suggestive only, I guess, and with that very special 80s pop video fuzziness, but I actually find that nostalgically erotic.*

Anyway, on with the 21st-century nonsense.

I always find a good beating really brings an apology home. And a bad beating, still more so.

It would be very odd to be the sort of guy who visits a sex worker who doesn’t tell him off and treat him with contempt and disdain.  A bit limiting, I’ve always thought.

Might be time for that safeword, actually.  Now what was it.  Pretty sure it wasn’t ‘mmph’, sadly for him.

She hates ironing, loves whipping.  That’s why this happening.

There’s a splendid phrase in British english “Face like a slapped arse”.  I think that’s one problem I don’t have – I have a face like a slapped face and an arse like a slapped arse.  When I’ve been lucky.

*I once caught the first 1 minute of “The Dominatrix sleeps tonight” on a BBC 2 pop programme, when I was, I dunno, sixteen or something. Oh. My. God. Then they stopped playing it.  Noooooo!!!  For years afterwards, every time I watched a music programme, or a bit of MTV when visiting somewhere (we didn’t have it), there was a little glow of hope I might see it again, or see more of it.  Never did until the Internet came along and then I was more jaded, of course.

I’m going to be, what she wants me to be

My girl (2 – the one with the sexier video – from the 1969 movie Sweet Charity).  

I’ve always been a sucker for a ‘dominatrix ponytail’ – and there are a lot more of them in this clip from the original movie.

Sounds like the perfect evening to me. I think there might even be half a packet of Hob-nobs left.

She can be very reasonable.  Also, surprisingly unreasonable.  But that’s married life.

Serious stuff: Marcia’s job’s on the line here.  I’ll keep you posted if there are any developments.
He’s moved on.  Why can’t she?
There: the science has proved it.  ‘Men are almost as fully human as women’.  I shall have to make sure my SO reads this. Perhaps she’ll start treating me as a near-equal.

They think it odd and Sodom and Gomorrah-ble

Isn’t it delectable?

My SO can be scatterbrained like that.  Just last week was supposed to be my annual orgasm and the silly thing forgot it completely!  How we laughed when she realised the next day why I’d been looking so anxious. She still smiles when she thinks about it…
Abusive behaviour can develop slowly – or can be quite quick, starting almost as soon as one hands over the bag containing the champagne and the envelope with the tribute money. 

Tried it.  What now?  Hmm?
The rules can be quite strict.  I tried to change my name to my wife’s and they wouldn’t allow it. Isn’t that ridiculous – in this day and age?  Apparently “Mywifes” is not an officially recognised christian name.


Well, I hope she’s prepared to let him stay for the whole session, even if he did underpay.

And when he pulls his frilly nylon panties right up tight

…He feels a dedicated follower of fashion

Oh yes he is (oh yes he is)

But you get bigger tips, so maybe it’s nearly even.

There!  Now who can still claim that men can’t take on front-line combat roles?
I’ve heard chlorinated water can be quite good for cuts and bleeding welts, so maybe if you ask nicely she’ll ask them to dip you in the pool when you’re done.

Yet oddly enough, he still gets it wrong. Men and housework… will they ever learn?

Sissy fights always end the same way, at least when wives are around to step in.

Married, with consequences

Married couples should talk about their finances.  Too few do – but it can save a lot of pain later on.


Than you Susan.  (braces)


I hope she doesn’t give in to peer pressure. When she decides to have you castrated it should be because that’s what she wants to do. No other considerations should come into it.



Nasty man with big smelly feet. Really smelly feet.  I can’t understand what she sees in him.


Those surveys… I think all they do is make women feel unsatisfied.  And I should know.

Worshipful company


If it’s any consolation, she certainly does care about how well you do the chores.


There’s plenty of boys.
It’s amazing, what computers can do these days.


I asked a domme once for a session in which she would treat me with utter contempt the whole time. I waited for hours in the rain, and she didn’t turn up, even though I’d pre-paid by credit card. Do you think perhaps she misunderstood?


Don’t worry, if anyone sees you they’ll probably assume you’re a devout pilgrim doing penance as part of a religious observation. Which, in a sense, you are.

A marriage of obedience

A problem shared… 




She’s just helping you put it in context.  Don’t forget to be grateful.


Worth it all for that one night of passion, though, huh?  Huh?


Best just to be passive and forget the aggression.

This is the lovely Gigi Allens from ClareSpanksMen and many other places.  More about her – mostly made up, but illustrated with lots of pictures – here.


More femdom captions

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Femdom wife with a strap
Sounds fair…


I love it when dommes don’t have to fake the contempt.  I’m lucky in that respect – because it happens to me all the time.


Actually, I have to report that the idyll ended after this, as she divorced his son, and threw them both out penniless onto the street.  Still, you can’t have everything, eh?


Chastity cold turkey
My Significant Other often has to be strong enough for both of us.  Fortunately, she always is.  Very determined too, I’ve noticed.


Anna decides your punishment
Anna has to make a decision here…but you know, she’s such a softie, what’s the betting she just lets both of them get what they want?  She’s kind like that.

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