Not now, John

I’d forgotten this had femdommy bits – mildly suggestive only, I guess, and with that very special 80s pop video fuzziness, but I actually find that nostalgically erotic.*

Anyway, on with the 21st-century nonsense.

I always find a good beating really brings an apology home. And a bad beating, still more so.

It would be very odd to be the sort of guy who visits a sex worker who doesn’t tell him off and treat him with contempt and disdain.  A bit limiting, I’ve always thought.

Might be time for that safeword, actually.  Now what was it.  Pretty sure it wasn’t ‘mmph’, sadly for him.

She hates ironing, loves whipping.  That’s why this happening.

There’s a splendid phrase in British english “Face like a slapped arse”.  I think that’s one problem I don’t have – I have a face like a slapped face and an arse like a slapped arse.  When I’ve been lucky.

*I once caught the first 1 minute of “The Dominatrix sleeps tonight” on a BBC 2 pop programme, when I was, I dunno, sixteen or something. Oh. My. God. Then they stopped playing it.  Noooooo!!!  For years afterwards, every time I watched a music programme, or a bit of MTV when visiting somewhere (we didn’t have it), there was a little glow of hope I might see it again, or see more of it.  Never did until the Internet came along and then I was more jaded, of course.

0 thoughts on “Not now, John”

  1. The "Not Now John" reminded me a bit of Fritz Lang's Metropolis but that may just be because I've started wondering what a world of female dominant androids might be like…..

  2. Ah – that's worrying. I just finished my post above and it asked me to confirm that I;m not a robot…..

  3. How did you get on? I'm OK with the tests for whether I'm a robot, but the other day I tried to get into a site for men, and there was this 'confirm you're a real man' capcha. I did OK on identifying the Premier League footballers, but then the second test was to identify which from a range of laundry items could not be washed above 40 C. I got a perfect score, and failed the test.

  4. Incidentally, if you like dominant female androids (and let's face it, who doesn't?), you might want to click on 'rise of the sexbots' in the wordcloud up there.

    I look forward to reading your take on it!

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