Fatale attraction

Normal service is now resumed.  And I can use the letter ‘i’ and everything.

Impalas!  Intrepid!  Vicissitude!  Inimitable!  Mississississississipipipipitipie!

Oh god, that felt good.

On we go.

Bloody nose femdom
It’s not a good idea to make her cross.

Femdom dress code
That’s right, Dave.  Stand up for yourself, mate.

First time domme
Oh, it’ll be OK.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Big whip, huh?  Small room…

I asked my SO for a regular date to be fixed for my masturbation day.  She chose 29th February.
She can be cruel like that.


Yeah, don’t beat yourself up about it.  That’s her job.
(joke copyright the Addams Family movie.  It’s better when Angelica Houston says it.)

Performance Review

Today’s post is all about human resources and employee evaluation procedures!  Oh yes.  Pretty exciting huh? Much better than pictures of nekkid ladies*.

In keeping with this blog’s desire to break new ground in femdom porn, I am posting a performance evaluation form from a company I’ve come across (if you’ll pardon the expression). 

Anyway, it’s from a company with a very similar name and management style to FemmeFatale Films, but without the same degree of copyright infringement involved in my misusung their logo.

Let’s start with a nice picture, so it’s the divine Goddess Heather rather than my silly old forms that appear in links to the post:

Here’s the performance evaluation form.  You might find it hard to read, especially if like me you’re suffering from eyesight degradation due to excessive unauthorised masturbation, but if you click each page, it should come up nice and big and zoomable.




Performance management shouldn’t be a one-way street.  It’s not all about the manager telling you what to do, you know!  No, no – a good performance review is interactive.  You should beg, and plead for forgiveness – preferably while kneeling.  Crying is a good way of showing you’ve learnt something from the feedback, too.

 …and some more pics of performance evaluation in action:

Hmmm…  She’s reading all of your co-workers’ evaluations.  Well, the ones whose opinions matter, anyway – the ladies.  But you don’t have anything to worry about?  Right?

Now this lady looks like she’s going to be giving you a really thorough, intensive feedback session.  Learning opportunities ahead!

It’s surprising how effective some quite simple management techniques can be.  Just writing out ‘Lazy employees get the cane from Ms de Lacy’ 500 times can lead to a measureable improvement in employee attitude, and of course the caning itself then helps to ‘bed that learning down’.

497… 498… 499…

…and now the employee is actively benefiting from a coaching session.  See, all the management books say it’s best for feedback to be immediate, specific and really, really painful.

The three Ladies who featured in this particularly silly post were, from the top, Goddess Heather, Mistress Anna Regent and Mistress Eleise de Lacy, all of whom feature on FemmeFatale Films.  As do many others including my Lady, Sophia Black!  It’s a wonderful site – well worth taking a look.  

But I wouldn’t recommend working there.

* Astute readers of the blog ,might have noticed that it doesn’t actually feature nekkid ladies at all.  I know my place.



A lovely word.  Seems a pity that the plural isn’t ‘-tae’ but who am I to argue? 

Anyway, if everyone’s now comfortable with the grammar, we can put away our exercise books and contemplate the following divine inamoratas.

Secretary gives dictation and you have to take it
With apologies for returning to the grammar lesson, the feminine version of ‘dictator’ is presumably ‘dictatrix’, which is a word that I think should be used more often (mainly because it excites me).

Sexy dommes in unifrom with a slightly dodgy political subtext
Well, they’re far from home, poor things.  It must be nice to find a friendly face, who can ask them about their day, instead of just screaming and begging for mercy.

Captioned image of female domination whose point escapes me for the moment
Dave is having a good hard think about his attitude too.

Caption femdom wife keeps her house clean with vigorous caning
I’d post a picture of the rest of the bathroom, but I thought you’d rather see her.  It’s pretty good, though, believe me.  Four hours well spent.  Every Saturday for the rest of your life.


Captioned image of something thats probably copyright
Don’t ask me, I just write them…

Oh, by the way.  If you’re still reading this blog then you probably like captioned images of female domination that try to go a bit beyond the traditional “Im gonna fuck you in the ass youre my bitch” approach.  Or you just like the pictures (and I do try to keep the words out of the way of the good bits).  Whatever, if you do then you are almost certainly going to like this: Celibate Hubby 

At the time of blogging, the top one is actually one of mine (properly and kindly referenced, so that’s fine) but hardly any of the rest are, and I think they’re really good.  My own personal favourites?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  ThisThis.  Oh, definitely this. Mmmmm this.  And many more.

Go on, there’s no more here today so you might as well head on over.

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