Charming savagery

Of course, it’s not actually a threesome if only two get to come… maybe you’d better explain that to them.



Perhaps you could learn German instead.  I hear she offers lessons.



They also serve who only stand and wait.



The next bit might not be entirely consensual and safe, truth be told, but who really cares?




Always a bit tricky when she really does want to discuss it rather than just to ‘discuss it’.  Like many subs I prefer to keep my side of the conversation to profuse thanks and occasional bouts of crying, when being spanked, but my preferences rarely if ever enter into it.


NB, tonight the Servitor household are packing up the whips, canes and portable travel-cage to head off for two weeks of sun, sea, sand and sadism.  Long term readers, who were here in the days before The Thing will know what this means…


A total portrait with no omissions

 The divine Ms Harry, for contemplation and worship.

Sometimes she’s in the mood for screaming and frantic pleading but right now she’s trying to enjoy her book, so just keep it down, hmm?

She can show you both heaven and hell – as, to be fair, can the priest but in a very different way.

See?  Cruella’s not all about bleak post-industrial settings.  This photo-shoot’s in a bleak pre-industrial setting and a refreshing change it is too.

Don’t you just hate being the third one on a date?  I do – but she doesn’t seem to care.

Go on – not many kinksters get to live out their fantasies in reality.

Mine’s ‘maggot’, by a curious coincidence.  But can readers of this blog keep that to themselves, please?  You can’t be too careful these days.  Fortunately my SO is the only one who knows the really important passwords, like the one for our bank account.  I wonder what these two need yours for? Still… best not to argue.

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