Yanking my chain

Don’t you hate it when she does that?

Nah, same old. Just got a new hood that’s all – and some fresh whip-marks.

Models have something of a reputation for aggressive behaviour, which is often quite undeserved, sad to say. 

To be honest, if I had to choose my perversion, there are probably easier options than being submissive.  But fortunately I cannot choose and as a submissive I’d rather not anyway.

Many brides can be a bit on edge during the big day – the whole ‘bridezilla’ thing, you know?  Just humour her… soon you’ll have tied the knot and can settle down to a lifetime of married bliss.

Hmm.  Seems a bit unprofessional, to have mixed up the creams like that.  Probably best not to complain, though.

Think of all the fun I’ve missed

Oh, you can wait, surely?  So selfish…

Males often don’t listen properly to women.  The best thing, I find, when discussing something important, is to concentrate 100% on listening, not speaking.  That way, there’s less danger of a painful misunderstanding.


I wouldn’t say ‘peaked’ exactly.  It continued to rise for a bit, then fell off a cliff, so to speak.

Christmas Special tomorrow on Contemplating the Divine!  What’s special about it?  Oh, well – the captions are all about Christmas!  Like this one, y’know… not that special, I suppose.  But then who among us is, apart from the ladies obviously?


What a lovely word.  I am her thrall.

Happiest day of your life!  And don’t you forget it, you ungrateful little bastard, or she’ll give you something to be unhappy about!


It’s not just convicted sexists, either.  Carry the donor card, help someone to look fabulous after your death.

I’ve never liked spiders. Bitter acrid flavour and the legs get stuck between your teeth.

Looks fun.  And they give you a little souvenir bag of sugar at the end of the month.  Give it to your domme, the next time you book a normal session and thank your lucky stars it’s just fantasy play.

He found her through a card she’d put up in the local telegraphy office.

Controllable lust

I’ll just slip into something less comfortable before we start…

Alan’s still a little nervous about the situation, OK?  So nothing too freaky when he comes round. 
Still, she looks good in it.  A bit of a waste if she doesn’t wear it often… it was quite expensive, after all. Still, I’m sure you don’t want her wearing something uncomfortable just for you, do you?

If it’s any consolation, the amount of her time you’ll be getting for free would run into tens of thousands of pounds, if she were charging in a consensual session.

That’s almost as good. And a lot cleaner.

Desperate househusbands

Oh dear… the guys are sure to laugh at me now.  I mean… ‘LUT’.  Doesn’t mean anything does it?  How ridiculous.

I’m told that masturbating to porn can seriously diminish the male libido over the long run as well, so you just keep on doing what you’re doing, ‘k?
Actually, only one of them is going to be kissing in a very special place. Just after this conversation, the Mistresses decided it would be one orgasm between them, not one each.  But no jealousy, sissies – play nice!
My SO is very good at dealing with feelings of guilt, too.
Edwardian femdom. There’s not enough of it about, in my opinion.

Makes your feet and fingers glow

No, not that. (Warning: SFW)


I don’t bother too much about fashion myself.  Life’s easier when all you wear is a steel collar. I’m never out of style because I’m never allowed out.

Practice makes perfect.  Next!

Many brides encounter disappointment on their wedding nights.  She just needs to make the best of it and move on, I reckon.

Married couples should try to share one another’s interests. It’s about making an effort: an act of the will. Sure, he’s not so interested in cock, but maybe he could just bend from time to time, hmm?  Is it so hard?

I went to see Justice League.  I’ve got to say, I have mixed feelings about it.  Maybe… oh I don’t know… 20% of the movie is really great but the other 80% was just meh for me. There was some really shoddy camerawork too – like on several occasions, you could clearly see actors in shot, speaking lines and stuff like that, and blocking the view of Gal?  That’s just unprofessional.

People and things

These things, for example.

Just for once, the linked music video is related.

Loosely, anyway.

A stage magician tried to hypnotise me once, but he failed completely.  I am one of those very rare people who just have too much willpower, he told me!  I tried to go back again the next night, to see if he wanted another go, but my wife said I had to stay at home and do chores, so that was that.

Yeah.  Why not?

Yes Ma’am.

Yes Ma’am.  Again.

Actually, I’m not that worried.  I was told once by a girl I trust that my penis is microscopic.  No way any sniper’s hitting that!

Memories, memories, sweet memories

Yes, to bring in the new year, what better than to look back – with more recollections from the lovely ladies of the sadly now defunct Other World Kingdom. 

Well, completely made up stuff from the mind of servitor, anyway.  But I do have a general disclaimer over there to the right, if you care to look.  This blog does not make a fetish of realism.  Muddy boots, yes, sissy panties, certainly, but realism – not so much.

This is the second in a series of, well, two at the moment but you never know.  Here’s the first.

Ladies – over to you.





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Devotional blackmail

I think they’re going to talk about it again.

Marriage is for life, you know.  That can be quite short, though.

No, I don’t know either.  Sorry.

Nice of her to help them like that, wasn’t it?
 The lady in the picture is the awesome Syonera von Stryx, and I’m sure in person she’s nothing like a sadistic camp commandant’s daughter.  Unless that’s what you’re looking for, of course, in which case no doubt she is.

Oh how tiresome.

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