Controllable lust

I’ll just slip into something less comfortable before we start…

Alan’s still a little nervous about the situation, OK?  So nothing too freaky when he comes round. 
Still, she looks good in it.  A bit of a waste if she doesn’t wear it often… it was quite expensive, after all. Still, I’m sure you don’t want her wearing something uncomfortable just for you, do you?

If it’s any consolation, the amount of her time you’ll be getting for free would run into tens of thousands of pounds, if she were charging in a consensual session.

That’s almost as good. And a lot cleaner.

0 thoughts on “Controllable lust”

  1. A cold shower is fine with me, I can wait a little month longer.
    I don't want to make her lover wait, he must be very horny since he didn't fuck my wife for at least two days.

  2. Oh, you're bound to feel a little uncomfortable at first, wearing a thingie like that. And then desperately uncomfortable later, obviously.

    Thank you for commenting here!


  3. Honey, I am so sorry, I completely forgot that I was going to talk to you today about your chastity device. I am running so late, Max, maybe I will have time next week. When? Oh, I don't know honey, does it matter? You know it is unlikely you will be allowed out of it this year. Tell you what I am in a rush now, but we will definitely speak before Sunday, ok?


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