The power and the glory

Goodness. I hope I don’t have to say too many Hail Marys.

There’s an interesting philosophical point there, actually.  Can one ‘show’ nothing?  Or is ‘nothing’ merely the absence of showing? Taking the thought experiment further, can one be ‘nothing’?  My SO says one can, and one is, so that point is fairly settled.
Icelandic femdom is complicated.  But worth it for those interested in play that involves being subjected to extremes of hot and cold, as well as eating raw fish.
Lots of men get quite nervous before their first time with her.  And full-on hysterically terified before all subsequent sessions.

Finishing with a religious theme too. The movie Valentines Day is highly recommended. Taylor, Anne… Mostly vanilla, obviously, but there is even a very brief femdomination scene, with Anne being a phone sex Russian domme with a rubber band.

8 thoughts on “The power and the glory”

  1. Because she's Viktoria Evasdottir. It's a bit complicated and hard to understand, I know. So's the Icelandic language, actually: which is a bit unfair on men, with their much lower IQs, but the country seems to manage OK.

  2. Clear but too long to fit on a credit card, so he's 'Foofoo' there as well. But she doesn't like him using it anyway: just for emergencies, you know?

  3. Oddly enough, originally it was her pet name for his penis, but then she started just using it for him around the house and it kind of stuck.

  4. Foofoo would make more sense as née Gunnar Guðrúnsson. I mean, who knows if he’s really related to Kristian Guðrúnsstrakur?

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