It’s the pleasure and the pain

 Nice video, shame about the song.



What – I can’t even make a suggestion?  No?  Oh, OK then.




And very nicely bruised too, if I may say so, thank you, Ma’am.




Goodness, how unpleasant it would be to be paddled by her.  I expect you regret now not thinking this through, right?




Unpardonable, because at OWK the males get plenty to eat.  Not all of it technically ‘food’ the way that word is usually defined, but they certainly ingest a lot of things through their mouths – and other orifices too.



Maybe she’d respect you more if you stood up for yourself?  Can’t hurt to try.  Although she’s not one to change her mind easily… and neither, if I’m being honest, is her mother.  Maybe better to cower, after all.  Fetch the whip, anyway: best not to keep her waiting.



Since you’ve read down this far, you’re probably desperate an avid follower of femdom, so maybe you already know this, but the Cruella site has some lovely stuff up right now.  The ‘Cruella’s World’ page has a lot of photos and some photostories.  Some of the stories are from the old Cruella magazine, back in the 90s, including two of my favourites (because they are delightfully vicious) from back then: Rise & Fall of Men’s Lib and Thumbs Up.  Others are more modern… I even wrote one of them, under a pseudonym (a different pseudonym, I mean, cos ‘Servitor’ is not my real name, remarkably enough).  Anyway.  Get on over there, it’s wonderful.  Even some rare photos of Miss Chambers and her lovely, lovely nose.

Divine Order

I worship her divine shadow.

I’ve had a few bruising relationships myself, but I usually have to pay for them.
Unless she forgets, obviously.
It’s obviously preying on her mind, the poor thing.
I pay a sex worker to have vanilla intercourse, once a month.  She usually sends me a picture of the lucky guy.

She’ll get round to yours.  You just need to wait very patiently.  Try shifting your weight from side to side a bit if your knees are starting to hurt.


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