A magical realm

Don’t worry: it’s not just spiders.  She can change into lots of things.  And she can change other people into other things too.  So, yeah: never dull.




Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll change you back. After all, it’s not going to be much fun for her having a boyfriend only eight inches high, is it?  Whatever could the two of you do together?




The fairy godmother is deep in the palace dungeons.  She’s treated reasonably well but for some reason the sisters insisted that she be fed nothing but pumpkin – which she hates.  Perhaps one day she’ll be granted an opportuity to explain that to them and they’ll relent.

She can and she has.  More times than she’d care to admit, actually.




Perhaps he can charm her – she loves watching men writhe and scream and I’m sure he’ll be doing plenty of that.

Once upon a time…

She decided on “Whiney” in the end. It seemed appropriate.

My SO can do that.  Just a few swishes of her magic wand and the housework begins – all without her lifting a finger.


Actually, that’s not true.  There was a woodman – still is, actually, somewhere.  I expect she’s got her reasons for keeping him hidden.

Some day her Prince will come.  You’ll be in the cucky cupboard when he does, obviously.

…and they all… well, almost all of them, the ones that mattered anyway… lived happily ever after.

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