It’s as far as I can take it.

Do you think you could ask him to slow down for just a moment while I write the captions under the pictures? No?  OK, well, I’ll do my – ouch, that was a deep one! – I’ll do my best. 

Sounds like someone’s having a bad day.  Who’d have thought being sissy maid to a sadistic perfectionist would be so difficult?
Trick question.  You need a lot more and she’s waiting for you to tell her that.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing, just go with it.

Her sister rebelled against the whole female supremacy thing.  Lives with a guy in Brighton and she lets him have his own pocket money and she even helps out occasionally with the housework.  Still, each to their own.

What a very sharp observation.


And if you don‘t think so… well, that just proves her point, doesn’t it?

Time for some firmer measures here too.

I have no idea what that means.  I don’t even speak Swiss – or Austrian or whatever.

I paid a prostitute for a ‘girlfriend experience’ once.  She took out an injunction and banned me from being within half a mile of her.  I am allowed to visit her flat once a month to make the payments, though.

Yes.  Yes it is.

What is femininism anyway?

Philomena Cunk has the answer.  Men are just like women really, they’ve got their own little personalities.

Not femdom – I just adore Diane Morgan.

This that follows is femdom, obviously.

A romantic moment. Treasure it.

Hmmm. Now if only I could unlock this collar, to get the word out to the other men…  Oh well.

She sounds even Mina than the lovely ladies in the picture.

Nothing to be embarrassed about.  Unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

Or why the world’s hair is such a weird colour.

Late handing in homework


I could… but you’d never believe me.


Can I brush my teeth now, please? Mouthwash would be nice, too.



And how he’s going to get there, with no money for the bus.  Still, she hasn’t stood in his way: credit to her for that.


Synergies!  Clever domme.


What a bitch.

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