What is femininism anyway?

Philomena Cunk has the answer.  Men are just like women really, they’ve got their own little personalities.

Not femdom – I just adore Diane Morgan.

This that follows is femdom, obviously.

A romantic moment. Treasure it.

Hmmm. Now if only I could unlock this collar, to get the word out to the other men…  Oh well.

She sounds even Mina than the lovely ladies in the picture.

Nothing to be embarrassed about.  Unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

Or why the world’s hair is such a weird colour.

0 thoughts on “What is femininism anyway?”

  1. Must be some kind of superior chess game that Women came up with, where you can win without a king. Quite logical, who needs them anyway?

  2. Oh, those purple-haired girls from "UFO" – some of my very earliest crushes when the series was originally broadcast on TV. And Gabrielle Drake (the one standing on the right) always had such as air of cool, self-assured superiority – she may well have sowed the seeds of my submissiveness.

  3. Thank you!

    Erm… I think. Hmmm. Normally I'm the one making gnomic comments. Who is the mirrors expert?

    Or is this like a Cold War spy meet-up thing? "No: I am not the mirrors expert. I am the turntable reverser. Are you the lady who speaks to goldfish?"

    Thank you for commenting, anyway!


  4. Yes, it's a special rule. The silly old male didn't know it – wasn't he suprised when She explained he hadn't won when he took Her king? His own fault for starting a game with a member of the superior gender without checking how She wanted to play.

    I'll bet he regrets betting something quite so precious to him on the outcome, now!

    You know… I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm constantly impressed at how obervant many of the readers of this blog are. Bet they don't get people noticing things in the picture backgrounds at "Bigbouncyboobs.com". That's the thing about femdom… you get a much better class of pervert.

    Thank you.


  5. Mine was the femdom episode of Space 1999 or The Worm that Turned series on the Two Ronnies. Ten years later? Gosh you're older than me! Welcome, anyway and thank you for commenting. Don't go looking at anything that might overexcite you, OK? And no more than 14 hours of household chores at a stretch – it's time to start taking it easy.

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