Slavish desires


Don’t worry too much about it: I’ve often noticed the women in my life using ‘if’ when they really mean ‘when’.  ‘If’ I decide to punish you… if I bring a guy home… if you fuck this up again… and so on.



They should be more charitable towards her, even if she does have some odd ideas.  After all, she’s a grieving widow, the poor thing.



It was maybe considering a little pleading whimper, but it won’t even try, now.



Medical researchers have made huge strides in pain management in recent years, as her husband will soon discover.

Abandoned gimps seem to be everywhere these days, it’s a modern plague.  Fortunately, very few people care.


I will show you games where the winner never wins

So lock away the childhood and throw away the key.


Probably best just to do it.  Discussions about obedience can become very repetitive.




I think the best years of their relationship are ahead of them.




Like many subs, I find there are limits to how much pain I can take… but none to how much I can receive.

Frekke gutter som går av og oversetter bildeteksten under disse bildene, tar bloggen altfor seriøst.

If he doesn’t, they can always turn their attention to the so-called ‘best man’.


I do a lot of snivelling.  I feel it is an under-rated and much-maligned activity; you rarely see the word used in a positive context.

It is truly better to give than to receive, my SO always says, a particularly relevant thought to bear in mind in this festive season.
Go on then… let’s get it over with…
Which nice things to buy, maybe?
He always wanted to be considered ‘statuesque’. Now he will be.

To experience an after-life you have to have had a life, so I don’t think this is what my future looks like.
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