Blonde ambition

In trying to come up with that title, I was thinking of ‘Blonde justice’ and had a sneaking suspicion I’d used it before, so I searched and found… oh dear, four posts all called ‘Blonde justice’. Is the blog really so forgettable, even for me?  Maybe been going too long… but I’ve still got another 2772 captioned images unposted and I write more all the time, so I’m afraid we’re just going to have to carry on.

Anyway, blonde post.  Yes, of course Mistress Eleise is in it.  Did you really need to ask?

Obviously, it’s going to be very painful – it often is when a relationship ends – but don’t worry: one day she’ll look back on it and laugh.  Possibly even next Thursday, when you come home with that funny bruised face.

Why should he mind?  Why should she care if he does?

She’ll freely admit she’s a trophy wife.  First prize in the ‘deluded and regretful old fool’ category.

I hate hypothetical questions.  Strap me to the gurney and let me see the scalpels, then it will feel more like a real choice, that’s what I say.  Assuming I’m still allowed to choose.

If you keep it up long enough, even an obese 220-pound man can easily lose as much as…well, 220 pounds, eventually.  By weight, I mean. A lot more pounds sterling, obviously but who’s counting?

Told you.  She’s magnificent.  What an extraordinary honour and pleasure (and pain) it was for me to session with her a few times, in Paris some years ago.



In fact… shall we have another Mistress Eleise image?  I say we should and it is my blog, after all.


She’s laughing inside.


Secure relationships

Of course, as Governess Harding herself likes to emphasise (and she really can be remarkably emphatic), the support she provides for married couples can’t replace the work the couples themselves need to do, to put her principles into practice in their day to day lives.  But she can provide a solid foundation of terror, on which a lasting relationship can be built.

Many teenage boys just think they can masturbate as often as they like and it doesn’t matter – but really, they’re just storing up problems for themselves, if they ever get into a properly-managed romantic relationship.

If he finds it any consolation, the things they will be doing to him will indeed bring sexual pleasure to both of them at the same time.

The number’s
important, because obviously the ‘U’ will change to a ‘C’ at some point
and any staff member can access the records and alter the ‘R’ to an ‘E’
should she feel it appropriate to do so.

I use names, though, including the awesome and glorious name Eleise de Lacy.*  It’s an honour to do so.

Original here.  I’ve heard that Doktor Soos is considered politically incorrect these days.  I hope this goes some way to redressing the balance.  This too.

* Even though I am not quite sure how to pronounce it. Eleeza or El-eye-ssa?

Abject pleasure

Any prisoner being mistreated has the right to protest about it, too.  As much as he likes.

Shame really… if the two of you were gay, you could save a lot of money by doing this voluntarily instead and not paying her to force you.

The lovely Goddess Snow, who makes the most wonderful tease videos in which she induces uncontrollable erections by… well, by existing really.

It’s complicated.  To be honest, I don’t quite understand it myself.  But she assures me there is a very good reason and I don’t like to argue.

I do occasionally wonder – especially when bent over and quivering in fear while being caned – what life would have been like if I’d had a different sexual fetish.  Plushies for instance.  That must be really easy.

I’m told I have a very punchable face.  I can confirm that.

Malevolent society

Possibly rather alarming, but don’t worry: she’s a kind and loving person. She has cats, for example.  Cat people are always OK, right?  She has several cats and she loves them dearly.
Fortunately, scurrying is one of the things I do best.

It’s odd, because when I bring up how little I like the idea of giving blow-jobs, she says I shouldn’t rule something out without trying it!  I’m almost tempted to agree with the sexists that women can’t do logic.  But I won’t argue about it.  It’s just very frustrating, though, you know?
Looks like you owe your liberty to her.  I hope you’re grateful.

Poor Diana. Oh well, back to lesbianism I suppose.

As she pleases

I’m sure she won’t mind.  Cindy’s very easy-going.

You say bukkake, I say bukkaka.

Self-locking nipple clamps.  What’s not to like?
Don’t worry. There’ll be things for you to eat too.  Just a bit later.


Do you suppose you can catch an STD from licking a domme’s boots, if some other guy came on them in an earlier session?  Perhaps medical professionals should carry out some experiments on that.

Slavish obedience

A bit presumptuous, from someone I only met five minutes ago.  What makes her so sure I won’t just wander off and never meet her again?

You might think that after this experience she’d become a pro-domme, but actually she’s fine with the escort business, as long as she can occasionally beat clients up.
Now here’s a professional lady more focused on the subculture’s needs!
Some of the sales team made the mistake of telling potential customers that they’d be physically punished if they didn’t meet their sales targets.  5% of customers did buy more, in sympathy, 75% just laughed it off as a joke but the remaining 20% immediately cancelled their orders. All women, oddly enough.

The run’s extended by three months, but after that it seems they’re likely to run out of convicted sex offenders.  Of course, there are always more sex offenders being convicted – but strangely, the sexual crime rate fell by 75% soon after the show opened. Ironic, huh?

Try to see it Her way

…only time will tell if She is right or you are wrong.

Not do a good job at ‘good vigorous vanilla sex’?  Little chance of that, I can assure you!  Prepare for the best eleven seconds of your life, baby!

She later sold the house… said it contained too many memories.

If this blog is still going in three years, I guess this isn’t really going to work.

Looks like everyone’s having a slow, lazy afternoon.

She actually found it quite traumatic to watch, as she did the three she watched later on in the holiday.  But she bought the souvenir DVD anyway.

Speaking of holiday – I’m going off on one, fnarr fnarr.  So, usual CtD summer: with slightly faded but unused old captions published on a daily basis with minimal fuss.  Watch this space… but don’t forget to refresh your screen, or it’ll be a long dull summer for you.

Domesticated bliss

Oh…  now there was a reason. What on earth was it?  Ermmm… let me think.
It’s her next project for the garden, after the sun deck is all done.

They say that dieting requires self-discipline, but I’ve never found I needed any.

Oh, humour her.  Women can be silly about these things.  An occasional waterboarding is a small price to pay for a harmonious mariage, hmm?

Nothing.  Yet.

Sexual kneeling

Mmm… concussion play.

To be fair, she did promise Simon a blow-job.  So don’t dawdle.

They did a guy last year who – purely by coincidence – actually developed tonsillitis two weeks later. It took forever to get him strapped down the second time, goodness only know what they poor thing thought they were planning to cut off on that occasion!

It likes looking at the pretty pictures and thinking naughty thoughts, though, doesn’t it?
Well, all right then. But I hope Mike doesn’t go talking about it at work on Monday, that’s all.

The imperative mood

“The imperative mood
(often referred to simply as a command) is used to express demands,
instructions or requests. We usually use the second person (plural or
singular) with an unspoken “you” for the subject.” sez Learnenglish. The ‘you’ is indeed unspoken, although sometimes She substitutes other words to refer to Her servitor.

The grammatically correct response to the imperative mood is the submissive mood.
Ludicrous, unrealistic fantasy. Who’d pay $2500 for a male?

What’s that? You’re guessing ‘mandatory gender sensitivity training’?  Well, sure, maybe that too, that too.


I don’t see the point of these fancy electronic monitoring systems.  A sturdy 20-foot length of chain has always done the trick in our (actually Her) household.

Here’s a clue: whoever it was lifted the seat. So it won’t be Raoul for a start: he never does,

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