Secure relationships

Of course, as Governess Harding herself likes to emphasise (and she really can be remarkably emphatic), the support she provides for married couples can’t replace the work the couples themselves need to do, to put her principles into practice in their day to day lives.  But she can provide a solid foundation of terror, on which a lasting relationship can be built.

Many teenage boys just think they can masturbate as often as they like and it doesn’t matter – but really, they’re just storing up problems for themselves, if they ever get into a properly-managed romantic relationship.

If he finds it any consolation, the things they will be doing to him will indeed bring sexual pleasure to both of them at the same time.

The number’s
important, because obviously the ‘U’ will change to a ‘C’ at some point
and any staff member can access the records and alter the ‘R’ to an ‘E’
should she feel it appropriate to do so.

I use names, though, including the awesome and glorious name Eleise de Lacy.*  It’s an honour to do so.

Original here.  I’ve heard that Doktor Soos is considered politically incorrect these days.  I hope this goes some way to redressing the balance.  This too.

* Even though I am not quite sure how to pronounce it. Eleeza or El-eye-ssa?

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  1. True, true… but I don't always tag everything. Novelties like 'threesome', sure, but routine matters like castration? Meh.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks for replying.

    > I don't always tag everything. Novelties like 'threesome', sure, but routine matters like castration? Meh.

    This is rather sad. I'm sure, not everyone who's visiting your blog is onto everything you are into. For example, I like castration captions, but I'm neutral to spanking or anything implying physiological pain, with no psychological one. That is to say, when I go through the history of your captions I use tags rather than read absolutely everything. That makes me think, I might have missed some nice captions from you in the history, but there's no way to know at this point.

  3. I love to go through each caption but I have been here years. There's is a lot of catching up involved. It should be a Mastermind subject. The approaching terror indeed. I wonder if in the 1st caption when ever She mentions refreshment he mishears it and blanches.k I do like the after service care provided by Governess Harding. Femsup

  4. I'll try to make it all a bit more consistent. Not all of the tags are entirely serious, by the way. Nor are all of my replies to comments.

    I've tried being neutral to spanking or other physiological pain but She just won't have it.

    Thanks again for commenting.

    best wishes


  5. Not only, Femsup, do you not need an index to the site, frankly you are an index to the site. Perhaps you could do a PhD on it some day. Of course, it would be important to do a lot of grant-funded 'field research' as well, in London, the Czech Republic and no doubt elsewhere.

    Governess Harding… whether you would 'like' her aftercare or not would be a matter of supreme indifference to her, I suppose. It's not about what you like, it's about what you need, she likes to say – and I think that's unarguable.

    Best wishes


  6. Yeah, nice quiet night in. Well…maybe not so quiet. But the playroom's soundproofed.

    Many thanks again for your lovely comments.

    Best wishes


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