They say that self-discipline is a very important trait to develop.  But it’s just never as good as the real thing, is it?

On we go, burbling and stumbling gradually into total irrelevance.


Sexy pilots
He was known as a bit of a ball-breaker too, which is actually rather ironic considering what happens to him when the laundry isn’t done to everyone’s satisfaction.
Aren’t they great? This is the Dutch airforce.  Well, not all the Dutch air force, obviously.  Found on this rather unusual tumblr (I don’t often credit tumblrs, but this is a bit different)  If anyone knows of a country that’s likely to be invaded by the Netherlands in the near future, do let me know, as I think I’d like to be oppressed by these people.  

OK, thanks to an anonymous commenter below, I now know this is not the Dutch air force, but the US air force.  In Alaska.  Not Holland.  Well… I was close.

Still, I suppose that will at least make the task of finding a country likely to be invaded by these people a little easier.  

Crush fetish now as well
Kind of puts things into perspective, don’t you think?

Yet another castration image
Oh for goodness sake!  I’m into femdom because I don’t want to make choices!  Why are so many dommes so soft?
 This is an image from Cruella, the Lady Victoria – who was presented as the Editrix of their magazines.  Of course, that was long ago, before the Internet.  1990 or thereabouts, and I a callow young student, nervously travelling down to London to buy a brown paper bag of magazines… aye, we made our own entertainment in them days, you know.

Maid in charge
In some households the husband fucks the maid, too.  But not in this one.  She doesn’t have the key, anyway.

Bridegroom punishment in female led relationship
Yes, that’ll help get you in the mood to take your weddings vows.  Not the wishy-washy ones during the church service.  The real ones, just before.

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