The thing that’s still around

You know: that thing.   It’s still going, doing its thing – more than ever, in some ways.  Annoying thing.  So here are a few more captions about the thing.

PS – Some readers might be
‘triggered’ by the second of these captions (being ‘triggered’ is
similar to disliking and disagreeing with something, but combined with a
strange compulsion to tell everyone you dislike and disagree with it,
rather than just reading something else).  I do understand that many
people have strong opinions about the thing, for instance preferring
horse medicine to, y’know, medicine that demonstrably works to reduce
human death rates.  I’d be happy to debate your ‘opinions’ on that, just
as soon as you do a medical degree and as long as the opinions can be
subjected to double-blind randomised control trials (oo-er sounds a bit
kinky).  Oh – and you have to understand Simpson’s Paradox, OK?

Last of the thing?

I’ve done a few posts about the thing… The thing that’s been doing its thing all this year. Anyway, thank goodness female participation in STEM subjects has been going up, because there seem to have been anti-thing vaccines invented in record time… although, to be fair, the men involved deserve some credit too, I’m sure, as the scientists probably needed a regular supply of coffee at work, and supportive hubbies back home too.

So… this may well be my last post about the thing.  But we’ll see.  Maybe there’ll be another thing.  Whatever happens, I will be here, with a painfully contrived femdom take on the situation.


Lots of people are finding life very frustrating at the moment.  She understands that.



Some of her male patients have actually become clients, since, I understand.  It just goes to show, doesn’t it?  

He doesn’t need to self-isolate because they already did that for him.

My own domme is doing occasional sessions, despite being in tier 2.  When I arrive at her dungeon, I don’t see her straight away. I strip, then I have to coat myself all over in sanitising gel, insert a thick rubber dildo gag and then climb into a thick latex bondage bag before she’ll enter the room.  Then she sits about three metres away, reading a magazine, occasionally mocking me or prodding the bag with a long stick.  So… no different from a session in normal times.  I’m lucky.


Actually, the police already know where he lives, because he’s the Chief Inspector.

Viral captions

So the thing is still out there, doing its thing.  A few more captioned images about the thing.

It seems like it’s been going forever, like the longest ever corner time but without the delicious sense of humiliation.  I suppose it will end eventually, and we creepy freaks can return to abnormality.  One day, perhaps people will even look back on this blog and laugh.  Unlikely, I’ll admit.

For those of you worried I might get ill and die: I have actually been practising social distancing and self isolation since before it was a thing.  Mainly at parties.  Plus, I’m told that to suffer a life-threatening condition, you have to have a life, so I think I’m fine.

The thing

You know – the thing that’s going on. That thing.  Here are some hurriedly thrown together captions about the thing.

You see, it’s just like I always say.  Everything is femdom.

Even the thing.


So… those are my captions about the thing. Now, as I’m just sitting around at home all day, these days, I’ll just get back to reading the Trip to Matilda’s story on Freddie’s blog. Which I am enjoying a lot, actually.  You might too, who knows? Only one way to find out, isn’t there?

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