The thing that’s still around

You know: that thing.   It’s still going, doing its thing – more than ever, in some ways.  Annoying thing.  So here are a few more captions about the thing.

PS – Some readers might be
‘triggered’ by the second of these captions (being ‘triggered’ is
similar to disliking and disagreeing with something, but combined with a
strange compulsion to tell everyone you dislike and disagree with it,
rather than just reading something else).  I do understand that many
people have strong opinions about the thing, for instance preferring
horse medicine to, y’know, medicine that demonstrably works to reduce
human death rates.  I’d be happy to debate your ‘opinions’ on that, just
as soon as you do a medical degree and as long as the opinions can be
subjected to double-blind randomised control trials (oo-er sounds a bit
kinky).  Oh – and you have to understand Simpson’s Paradox, OK?

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  1. Thank you, kind of you to say so.

    Yes, working from home must provide a welcome break from being a nobody, carrying out menial tasks at the beck and call of a tyrannical boss. Oh, hang on…

    Best wishes


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