Sexual harming

It’s so good for me…

I think the correct answer is “No, Mistress”

Oh, I don’t know.  Looks to me like it turned out pretty well.
 Image from the menareslaves site, like it says.  And that is the lovely Mistress Mina Thorne on the left there!  And on the right…errr… anyone?  She’s lovely too of course, the beautiful Natalie Minx (with thanks to Mr Anonymous in the comments below).


A new departure for Contemplating the Divine.  Brutal treatment of submissive girls!  I can hardly bring myself to look.. the poor little thing.  She didn’t deserve this.  I mean, he’s got another seven fingers hasn’t he?


I find in these conversations that at first she does most of the talking, but as it carries on I find myself becoming more and more vocal and emotional about it.
This is the wonderful Gigi Allens, from ClareSpanksMen.  She was featured here before, at length.

Or if you can’t be brave, just let the restraints be brave for you.

Cuando las mujeres atacan

The title is a tribute to my favourite tumblr at the moment, which for a long time I assumed went by the name of “When women attack”, until I bothered to ask Mistress Google what it meant.  And a much better title than mine it is, too.

So, on we go.  Another post, featuring several hovercraft full of eels.

Backchat young mistress
Lily looks rather sweet, doesn’t she?  Not mean at all.  Odd, that…

Oh dear, they’re going to be so embarrassed on Monday!
Also on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – oh, and then really mortified on Friday, when I understand the girls have something special planned.
The lady of course is from Planet Femdom, where Nanshakh paintings come to life…

Philosopher queen
One of the advantages of male submission, as compared to other sexual perversions, is that you can use it for self-improvement.  My Significant Other taught me to fold my shirts properly, for example, by showing me how and then hitting me until I got it right.  It’s useful on business trips.
Not a particularly amusing or wry comment, I know, but it happens to be true.
From SchoolMistressFantasy – but my virus checker gets alarmed by this site, so I won’t link: your choice, your risk.

Of course, if they start coming out the other end it doesn’t count.
This is Mistress Elektra Skye, for whom I can’t find a dedicated site – but she’s here, among other places.

Yes, Ma’am.  Miss Hurley.  Ma’am.

Brutal loving care

Femdom captions, captioned pictures of female domination, dominatrix, domina, domme, female led relationships and all that kind of search engine bait, y’know?

Here we go:

Girls with guns oh my
To be fair, it wasn’t specifically on the hard limits list you agreed, so she does have every right…

Dragon bride oriental femdom yknow?
You could start by learning Xin lỗi.  That’s ‘Sorry’.  You’ll be needing that a lot*.

Caned by my wife for the other thing
Confession can be really good for dealing with feelings of guilt. Try it.

femdom allowances
Bursting into tears can usually get you a few dollars extra.  What price self-respect?  Oh, about $2.50, maybe $2.75.

Heel boy femdom
* Curiously, the same online phrasebook that gave me Xin lỗi also provides Tàu cánh ngầm của tôi đầy lươn – “My hovercraft is full of eels”
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