Heavenly correction

He’s actually not really into BDSM. Poor guy… probably hating every moment.  Still, that’s a brave little smile.

Come on – what could possibly go wrong? Apart from that faulty power surge protector and I’m pretty sure that’s working properly now.

She’s really sweet once you get to know her.

There’s nothing quite so empowering for a domme as going round cleaning just after a sub has flounced around for an hour “cleaning”.

I tried switching once. After about five minutes the female submissive started shouting at me for being so bad at it and I ended up apologising and having to write out “I am the most feeble, unexciting excuse for a Master ever” 500 times.  But then, when you think about it, she didn’t do that well herself, did she?

Commanding respect

Or the one before that.


I like to leave these details to my wife too.  She’s better at that sort of thing.


Return of an old friend.


On the plus side, they do get  lots of great shots of dommes looking really pissed-off.  On the minus, a lot of expensive cameras have been smashed.  Oh – and the photographer’s been hospitalised once or twice too.


Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, huh?

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