Her opinion matters

It does – like many other men, I discovered early on in married life how much pain can be caused by not listening carefully enough to my partner’s concerns.



Hmm.  It’s hardly surprising they don’t send her the best boys they have, if she keeps on breaking them.  But I don’t want to be the one to tell her that.



Unnecessary rudeness can leave such a nasty taste in the mouth.



Mistress wants her slave to put his clothes back on – quietly now! – tiptoe off to the dungeon door and silently fuck off.  There’s a good boy.




It’s good they’re all labelled because the faces usually get a bit messed up and hard to recognise, particularly those who were married when they arrived.



Try not to judge her too harshly.  He is very annoying.






Brutal loving care

Silly, really, to get rid of stock that’s hardly even damaged, but that’s their policy.

Often, when smokers give up, they undertake some symbolic act of renunciation: crushing the cigarette pack beneath their shoes, for example, or just throwing it onto a fire.  Something like that might be worth trying too, to make clear all that nonsense is in your past, now.

Not sure about the colour swatches, though. I think the traditional dark grey is still best.
I expect they just didn’t get the original joke.  Try explaining it more slowly.

And they say porn doesn’t really cause any harm…

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