Her opinion matters

It does – like many other men, I discovered early on in married life how much pain can be caused by not listening carefully enough to my partner’s concerns.



Hmm.  It’s hardly surprising they don’t send her the best boys they have, if she keeps on breaking them.  But I don’t want to be the one to tell her that.



Unnecessary rudeness can leave such a nasty taste in the mouth.



Mistress wants her slave to put his clothes back on – quietly now! – tiptoe off to the dungeon door and silently fuck off.  There’s a good boy.




It’s good they’re all labelled because the faces usually get a bit messed up and hard to recognise, particularly those who were married when they arrived.



Try not to judge her too harshly.  He is very annoying.






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  1. Honey, we need to talk about something you said to your mom. Kneel by my feet, good boy. Can you guess what your mom said to me that has made me so annoyed?

    No? Are you sure? Let me remind you, honey.

    Stop fidgetting idiot. Kneel quietly. I don't want to know if your knees hurt, that is not my problem, ok?

    I was having a lovely chat with Brenda and she asked why I don't allow you to visit. Can you imagine? I was confused, I asked her why she thought that. I was shocked, so I explained that you are free to visit your own mother at any time.

    She accepted my explanation, as I told her that all you had to do is ask permission, with a little notice and, if all your chores are done, you can visit.

    Please explain how Brenda got the impression you are not allowed. Do you think I am some mad woman?

    Now, the last two times you asked for permission to visit it was not convenient as I needed you to do a thorough clean of all the en-suite toilets. You will remember that when Brenda was in hospital I couldn't let you visit as my friends were coming round for coffee and cake. I needed you to serve us. I told you at the time that it was not possible.

    Was I unreasonable? Should I have served my friends? Am I a serving girl? No I am not!

    I think this is a most unfortunate matter. Ten strikes of the cane is now necessary, honey. Plus two more months in chastity.

    Brenda understood completely when I explained. In fact she suggested you were denied release for two months. She is such a classy lady.

    I suggest that in future you think before you say such things to your mom,ok?

    I am disappointed, I really am.

    Go run my bath, honey.


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