Sadistically significant

I rather think the romantic evening’s just getting started, don’t you?





Despite her attitude to sexists, she’s a great believer in naval tradition.  ‘Rum, sodomy and the lash’ and all that, although obviously today’s navy is alcohol-free.



Perhaps Paul and Irene could discuss it later.




Possibly several things.  There’s always something.

She looks nice. Just as well when you’re that small and vulnerable.







Her whip, her rules

She could well be right.  Early on in our relationship, my SO visited a therapist who told her to try dealing with her feelings frustration by beating the living daylights out of me.   Worked.

You get health benefits too – mostly regular exercise and a healthy diet.

I guess we’re both disappointed about the whole situation.
That’s a museum ship, by the way: HMS Belfast.  Worth a visit, if you’re in London, but the guns obviously can’t fire any more and all the seamen left a long time ago. 
 The lovely Mistress Sidonia, of course. Oddly enough, I understand she began her career as a submissive, but she has amply paid back the male sex in the years since.

My own car just stays locked in the garage all the time, these days. I don’t know why I bother to keep it, really.

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