Savage sirens


It’s your own fault: what you get for abusing her kindheartedness.


Good thing they had the bat with them.  They usually bring it along on their walks, though – just in case it might come in handy.



…and so on.  Sounds like it might become rather repetitive.  I hope you don’t get too bored.



Don’t worry about the forced tofu-eating.  Tofu has a slightly disgusting texture, but it’s pretty nearly tasteless – just absorbs the flavour of whatever liquid it”s been soaking in, basically.  So whatever Raoul chooses to… yeah, anyway, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Oddly, though, the client she still calls ‘Mr Superglue’ became a regular, after he left hospital.  Subs, eh?  You think you know how weird they’re going to be but they’re always twice as weird again.






You make my heart sing

You make everything… groovy baby.

Actually, most such limits turn out to be soft and squidgy, when tested vigorously.

Why do all my dates end up like this?  Maybe it’s the poetry…

Actually, I think the whole idea of young women putting their torture skills on display like this is a bit offensive.  But no one cares what I think. Even me, oddly.

I think the experience might bring you closer.  So will that hasp, when she attaches it to your collar.

There’s an amusing additional caption down here. Hello?  Down here…amusing caption?  Oh, I don’t know why I bother…

Beaten senseful

She’s got a very playful personality.

This blog does like to feature male doms and sadists from time to time, in the interests of balance. 
Oh not the legs as well!

 When ‘the mess’ has been tidied up I’m going to be launching a formal complaint.  Think she’s in trouble now? Just wait.

Don’t tell her that Mistress Hilda’s new boy has been branded with her initials… you’d never hear the end of it.

Sexual kneeling

Mmm… concussion play.

To be fair, she did promise Simon a blow-job.  So don’t dawdle.

They did a guy last year who – purely by coincidence – actually developed tonsillitis two weeks later. It took forever to get him strapped down the second time, goodness only know what they poor thing thought they were planning to cut off on that occasion!

It likes looking at the pretty pictures and thinking naughty thoughts, though, doesn’t it?
Well, all right then. But I hope Mike doesn’t go talking about it at work on Monday, that’s all.

Taken firmly in hand

Oh dream on…

Other world kingdom Gusrdesses go a huntin
The only thing worse than not being found by Madame Sarka and Madame Jana is being found by Madame Sarka and Madame Jana.

Domestic whipping scene - ahh
That’s because women have more complicated brains and can multitask. When she’s hanging you up by your nipples – to take an example at random – you might just be thinking, ‘Oh my God, the pain, I can’t take it’ but she’s probably thinking about lots of things – what to plant in the garden, whether she really wants to meet her friends than night, all kinds of stuff.

She doesn't want to have to asshook him
She’s really doing this for you, you know.

Beaten sensible
Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.

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