You make my heart sing

You make everything… groovy baby.

Actually, most such limits turn out to be soft and squidgy, when tested vigorously.

Why do all my dates end up like this?  Maybe it’s the poetry…

Actually, I think the whole idea of young women putting their torture skills on display like this is a bit offensive.  But no one cares what I think. Even me, oddly.

I think the experience might bring you closer.  So will that hasp, when she attaches it to your collar.

There’s an amusing additional caption down here. Hello?  Down here…amusing caption?  Oh, I don’t know why I bother…

0 thoughts on “You make my heart sing”

  1. Yes. They say that shared interests are the secret to a happy marriage – it's very lucky that they discovered their shared interest in abduction and enslavement in time to save theirs.

  2. Alas no, but I do visit a lady from time to time who provides me with a lot of constructive criticism. Men can do some – simpler – tasks almost as well as women. They just need the right incentive structures.

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