Her husband, her rules

She doesn’t need any limits, so why would you?



Actually, the disciplinary spankings can also be part of a healthy, active sex life, as long as it’s understood that it’s not yours.





It’s a day to express gratitude, so don’t forget to do that. Oh – and to count, too.




Don’t worry: ‘the good bit’ goes on for a long time.

When she says she ‘doesn’t believe a word of it’ she means the story, obviously.  She fully agrees with the statement that was actually tattooed on.


Embarassingly accurate

I wonder if she’s jealous that she never gets to do the ironing any more?




The girls could probably handle more than ten reasons, but at that point the boys would run out of fingers so it’s probably best not to go there.




Don’t worry, he won’t be there all night.  She’s got a pillory in the bedroom too.  In fact, it’s the same model so he can just stagger there still wearing the cross-piece and it slots right in.

I was too worried about ending up with some embarrassing word tattooed on me in Chinese or Japanese so my SO kindly agreed to do it in English instead – just as well, as it turns out ‘wanker’ doesn’t translate directly.




You could try licking the tears back up.




Smiles and tribulations


They say the best gift is a memorable experience.




Kind of her to help out.  You don’t often see that kind of neighbourliness these days, sadly.





Don’t worry – you’ll go quiet again long before they want to go to sleep.




As my SO likes to say – what could be more humiliating than being you, anyway?


Not forgetting ‘cock-sukking hor’ bit he added afterwards. Do you suppose all the words Raoul can spell correctly in English are synonyms for ‘penis’?  Honestly, I don’t see what she sees in him.


It’s a sign of devotion

You made everybody else seem so tame.


After a lifetime with a full head of hair, it seems I am finally going bald.  Next Tuesday, apparently.  She’s invited some friends around to watch.



I hope they play nicely.


A very important part of any session.

Speaking of devotion… this is Lady Sophia Black.

Actually, it is more accurate to describe Sissymaid Sylvia as ‘gender uncertain’ as its Mistress hasn’t come to a final decision on the matter yet.

Fantastic terrors never felt before

She shall press, ah, nevermore!

Worst fudge ever?  Of course, I’d want to stay out of Devon.

I think it’s sad, to see magnificent beasts penned up in dark underground enclosures, like that.  They should be free to roam the snow-covered fields.
 Mistress Courtney and, erm… another goddess and two maggots, there.

It’s a good point, actually: I do like paella.  So, I suppose I have to be whipped.  Damn – I hate it when she uses logic on me!
There are other extras.  Not as many as there were, but there’s an endless supply waiting patiently outside the studio door.

Repent at leisure

My repentence, her leisure.

I often suffer from pain during my SO’s sexual activity.  Usually in the same room, but not always.  Her reaching orgasm sometimes brings relief from the pain – temporarily at any rate – I’m glad to say.
Visiting a domme can be a very spiritual experience.
Oh well.  No real harm done
 The lovely Divine Mistress Heather, who in real life I am sure always makes sure her slaves get exactly the voltage they need: neither more nor (most certainly) less.
See?  She’s not a vicious, unfeeling sadist at all.  She’s a considerate, empathetic sadist.  They’re the worst.
The one on the back’s quite long. I was told it describes in detail the ways I am blessed.

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