Days of their lives

The OWK ladies once more reminisce to a fictional (but enviable) interviewer, about the best of the best of days. In fact, they reminisce at great length, at least in comparison to the space available for an ordinary caption…

Perhaps one day I’ll post the transcript of the whole interview here, if I ever get round to making it up.

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost.

“I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.”

A typically uplifting sentence from Mr Dickens there. Actually, I have been developing my own version of his classic tale. Titled ‘A Findomme Carol’, it has a similar story arc but the heroine, Princess Screw-you, isn’t such a soft touch as Dickens’s Scrooge. Like his tale, though, it has a happy ending, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, which as we all know is ‘getting’.

But for this year, ho ho ho, it’s just a few captions with a rather tenuous and even desperate link to the holiday season. Bah humbug.

…and as it’s Christmas, here’s a bonus image, from the series OWK Ladies remember

Memories, reposted for technical reasons*

Yes, it’s time for more of those highly inaccurate (and entirely made-up) reminiscences by the very first contingent of Ladies from the Other World Kingdom. Blatant homage or affectionate rip-off? Or should that be the other way around? You decide. Or don’t, if you’d rather not.

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* Apologies – not a new post. For a long time I have been getting 4-5 obviously automated and spammy comments per day, all of them on this post which was published on June 15th. I don’t want to restrict commenting, so I have been deleting them manually. But it’s getting worse and today I got about 30. All on the one post… which is pretty f***ing stupid even for an algorithm.

Some of the generic messages are actually quite funny, given the content of the blog and the post below especially. e.g. “My co-workers think I’m wasting too much time reading this blog, but it gives me so much useful information for my life.” I’d certainly like to have seen the spammer who designed the algorithm spend some time in the OWK

Painful recollections

Yes, to celebrate the most depressing public holiday the UK has – the end of what is often with atypical British overstatement referred to as ‘the summer’ – here are more reminiscences from a better-run although oddly misnamed ‘kingdom’.  

 More OWK ladies reminiscing about the good old days, in other words.














Remembrance of times past

The Other World Kingdom is mostly gone, at least in its original form, but its memory lives on.  And so do the memories of those fine ladies who worked there, which by a process of entirely fictional thought transferrence have ended up inside the mind of the author of this blog.  From where, after picking delicately around the piles of rancid porn and mounds of bad ideas that clutter that place up, they emerge to be shared here.


Or, to put it more simply: OWK ladies remember.  Again.











Girl talk

More reminiscences from those sweet Central European maidens from the sadly defunct Czech vacation spot, the OWK.  

Where are they now, you ask? Some of them work as professional dominatrices but most of the others prefer to remain anonymous today, as they’ve moved on from the scene.  One – I won’t name her because I do respect her privacy – has done really well in the travel industry and now works as Service Manager for one of the major low-cost budget airlines.  She’s responsible for designing the passenger experience : all the way from the check-in queue to the seat design and on-board service standards.  A complete change in career, you’d think, but actually she says her time at OWK was very useful preparation for her current responsibilities.  Strange but true.


Oh, I hope there’ll be jellyfish

The servitor who uploads material to this blog will be on an undeserved holiday for the next few weeks.  Normally awful service will be maintained, through the magic of ‘scheduling’ and comments – especially abusive ones – remain as welcome as ever, but will not be responded to (so the grovelling apologies must wait).

The jellyfish thing? Oh yeah. This.

You know, I heard once that feeling sad and lonely is just your body’s way of telling you what an unpleasant person you are to be with?  Makes a lot of sense.

I’m slowly working my way into her affections, I reckon.

Mmmpphhh grtrrth.

Of course, they’ll need to use something else to achieve the burning sensation.  Hot coals, maybe? They’re very creative.


Hope there’s some beer for me.

Back down Memory Silnice

Recently, while down in the cellar (basement to you Americans), I was nearing the end of a long weekend scrubbing away at the walls with a toothbrush (it’s bit of a funny story how I found myself doing that, actually – remind me to tell you some time) when I noticed in an old cardboard box another file full of interviews* with those lovely Sublime Ladies from the Other World Kingdom.  So, as soon as the walls were clean enough for my chain to be lengthened sufficiently to allow me to come upstairs again, I scanned the ones featuring Madame Katarina and I’m now uploading them for you to wank over enjoy.

Now of course, OWK is lost in the pages of history, but in our hearts it will never die.  What matter it, if – 

– what’s that you say? ‘Shut up and get on with the pictures of Madame Katarina, Servitor, you prat’?  Oh. OK, then.

 …and in a postscript, with a written comment by the interviewer in handwriting too shaky to read:

* regular ‘readers’ will recognise this as the latest in one of the least popular series on the blog: OWK memories.

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