Days of their lives

The OWK ladies once more reminisce to a fictional (but enviable) interviewer, about the best of the best of days. In fact, they reminisce at great length, at least in comparison to the space available for an ordinary caption…

Perhaps one day I’ll post the transcript of the whole interview here, if I ever get round to making it up.

2 thoughts on “Days of their lives”

  1. Years ago in old country, the powerfully sexy Señorita aroused me and then denied me. Next she Gaslighted me by blaming me for no sex. As a result, she needed to punish me for being a loser. I was whipped, and begged at her feet to be forgiven for not being good enough, and humiliated with things too terrible to mention.
    She eventually left me for another Señor to whom she did the same thing to.

    1. But will any old country do, Alberto? Or is it a specific one? The Czech Republic is quite a new country in many ways, although it has some lovely old traditions around spanking. The OWK itself is even recognised as a ‘micronation’ in some lists, albeit one with a very specialised economy and political system.

      Best wishes


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