You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Happy relationships are all about boundaries.  Many newly-married men get a bit silly about not being able to lead the batchelor life any more, but are you really any ‘less free’ just because from now on you can’t do or say anything your wife disapproves of?  It’s just a different way of life, that’s all.

Rubbing up against a tree?  Sounds a bit kinky.

She seems nice.

Yes, let’s.

What a lovely film that was.  Especially the bath scene…

Little man you’ve had a busy day

… so it’s time for a spanking, then all tucked up for an early night with hands secured in your special mittens.  Don’t worry about wifey – she’ll find something to amuse herself with.

You’ll probably also find that you prefer not to watch sport on TV and you love going to bed early.  In fact, you’re going to discover a lot of things about the real you.  Isn’t that nice? 

I used to worry that women would discover I’m really rubbish in bed.  But so far, as luck would have it, the situation just hasn’t arisen, so that’s OK.

There are probably a few things bothering him just at the moment.  And there’ll be a few more, quite soon afterwards, I expect.

It’s nice they can sing while they’re working.  I mean, having to end another human’s life, it’s a serious and depressing business, isn’t it?  Good for them – keeping their spirits up like that.

Ah.. now that takes me back.  I remember the very first face-slap of my married life.  It was about – oooh, seven seconds after the last face-slap of my unmarried life, as I recall. 

Male In Name Only

Actually, although it’s a very specialised field of architecture, her fees are fairly low, not least because she doesn’t need to pay any assistants.


And they say castratrices have no feelings.


If he’s bad at sums, he might need a little thinking time in the corner to get the salary offer right.


I’d queue up…


I’ve always enjoyed a vigorously bisexual sex life: left or right hand, doesn’t matter to me.


Late handing in homework


I could… but you’d never believe me.


Can I brush my teeth now, please? Mouthwash would be nice, too.



And how he’s going to get there, with no money for the bus.  Still, she hasn’t stood in his way: credit to her for that.


Synergies!  Clever domme.


What a bitch.


Yum yum.


…but the price goes up the less time there is to go.


Phew.  Just in time, eh?


Hmmm. Kurt’s night-night “kisses” can taste a bit disgusting, to be honest. If only I were still allowed to kiss him on the lips.


Yes, I should be thankful for small mercies.  They are the only sort I get.

Just a quick one

I feel a
surge of deep satisfaction
Much as a queen astride her gelded steed
When I return from daily strife as a dominant wife
How pleasant is the life I lead

I run my home precisely on schedule
At six-o-one I march through my door
The boy to kiss my shoe is due at six-o-two
Consistent is the life I lead

It’s grand to be a domina in 2010
Ladies are taking over, and subjugating men!
I’m the lady of my castle, the sovereign, the liege
I treat my subjects – servants, husband, slaves -€”
With a fair but brutal hand: noblesse oblige

It’s six-o-three and the boy who is my husband
Is scrubbed and spanked and pinched around with pegs
And so I’ll beat him till he begs, to kneel between my legs
Ah lordly is the life I lead

A British nanny must be a general
The future empire lies within her hands
And so the person that we need to mold the breed
Is a nanny who can give commands

A British prison runs with precision
The British home requires nothing less
Tradition, discipline and rules must be the tools
Without them disorder, masturbation, anarchy
In short you have a masculine mess!


(Sometimes a photo just writes its own caption.)

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