Little man you’ve had a busy day

… so it’s time for a spanking, then all tucked up for an early night with hands secured in your special mittens.  Don’t worry about wifey – she’ll find something to amuse herself with.

You’ll probably also find that you prefer not to watch sport on TV and you love going to bed early.  In fact, you’re going to discover a lot of things about the real you.  Isn’t that nice? 

I used to worry that women would discover I’m really rubbish in bed.  But so far, as luck would have it, the situation just hasn’t arisen, so that’s OK.

There are probably a few things bothering him just at the moment.  And there’ll be a few more, quite soon afterwards, I expect.

It’s nice they can sing while they’re working.  I mean, having to end another human’s life, it’s a serious and depressing business, isn’t it?  Good for them – keeping their spirits up like that.

Ah.. now that takes me back.  I remember the very first face-slap of my married life.  It was about – oooh, seven seconds after the last face-slap of my unmarried life, as I recall. 

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  1. A much better comment than the spammy Bossy Girls above! Many thanks. The blog will continue to be, by turns: inspiring, alarming, confusing and vaguely creepy.

  2. Okay… that Eeny Meeny thingy! That's absolutely cruel and chilling. Whoah! And at the same time… well, you know how this goes.

  3. Yes indeed, I know how it goes and I do my best to get it into pithy captions on images of lovely ladies from time to time too. How pleasant the right saw of unpleasantness can be.

    Many thanks for commenting here.

    Best wishes


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