Hypnotized by you if I should linger

I will listen hard to your tuition.

‘Hmmm’ as in ‘Mmmm…hmmm…’? Or as in ‘Hmmm!’ ?
I always switch my phone off before a session, And the location thing too. Once, visiting the delightful Mistress Servalan in Sydney, my own phone ran out of battery just before I was due to call her to tell her I was on the street outside and I had to call a dominatrix on my work phone. That was briefly stressful, but Mistress Servalan managed to bust my stress almost immediately.
C’mon, give her a break, for goodness’ sake.
C’mon: be a man. A very submissive, cringing kind of man, ideally.
She won’t use the shock collar on him either. Says it’s cruel.

The divine Miss Chambers, from Cruella. Oh that nose…

But don’t get too close. 1.5 to 2.5 metres, remember? And always behind her, which can be a problem if she turns around suddenly. A problem for you, I mean. She doesn’t mind.

Feminine guiles

She had to do something to keep herself amused. She’d already done today’s Wordle, after all.
She’s also his personal financial advisor – she’s recently encouraged him to move most of his ready cash into envelopes.
She’s lucky to have Sarah, otherwise she’d be a pushover for any chained-up male with a sob story.
Embarassingly, it was only at the top she realised she’d meant to throw something into the rubbish bin and had to lead you right down and then back up again, the silly forgetful thing.
It’s nice and quiet down there, hardly anyone ever visits. Don’t worry, though: there’s a food chute. Well… down there it’s a food chute. On the surface it’s a rubbish chute. Same difference.
Don’t worry, they always schedule some special ‘couple time’ when your wife has you just to herself.


I suppose it’s polite to ask, but really she should just make herself at home.


He looks pretty trustworthy to me.  You’ll be fine.  Just think about something else for 20 minutes.



No, she’s not particular.  Well…she is, obviously.  Just not about that sort of thing.


See?  There’s always a solution if you just talk it out.  It’s like the time I finally told my SO I was finding our ‘lifestyle’ a bit difficult and in just a few minutes ‘talking it through’ we hit on the solution of shutting the fuck up and never complaining to her again.  So simple, in retrospect and it’s avoided so many problems since.



She’s definitely going to go down there and check he’s OK, though.  There’s just something she needs to do first, that’s all.



Doing what she wants

‘Public humiliation’ is apparently one of the approved reasons for leaving the house in the present situation.  Thank goodness we can preserve the basics of civilisation, in these trying times.

Don’t worry. As soon as she’s stopped being angry with you, she’ll give femdom a go.  Possibly even before she’s stopped beig angry, actually.

Even the oubliette can be quite peaceful on a lovely summer evening… the sound of birdsong, the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Sometimes you can even smell the blooms in the nearby flowerbeds, but usually the stink of piss is too strong.

Maybe it’s yummy. I guess she’ll never know.

I must say, I can’t understand men who frequently visit prostitutes.  I just cannot take any pleasure in mixing sex with a cold, businesslike financial transaction, you know?  Much better to stick to financial domination.

Once upon a time…

She decided on “Whiney” in the end. It seemed appropriate.

My SO can do that.  Just a few swishes of her magic wand and the housework begins – all without her lifting a finger.


Actually, that’s not true.  There was a woodman – still is, actually, somewhere.  I expect she’s got her reasons for keeping him hidden.

Some day her Prince will come.  You’ll be in the cucky cupboard when he does, obviously.

…and they all… well, almost all of them, the ones that mattered anyway… lived happily ever after.

I wanna

be her dog?


He’ll be paying rent to her as well.  The monthly rate is a very reasonable “everything”.

Mistress Akella, there, showing how patient dommes need to be at times.

Oh, I don’t suppose Janice would mind.  She’s very easygoing.  As long as you stay on the leash, you can pretty much do your own thing when she’s not around. It’s that kind of marriage.

In OWK, slaves aren’t judged on whether they fail or succeed.  Just on how badly they fail.

She seems nice. Remember, though: it is very unprofessional to get involved romantically with your clients.  So don’t even think about it.

Leashed to a frenzy

It’s nearly time for your next session anyway.  Might as well just stay.



She loves him really.


Won’t be saying that again.  Or anything else, I imagine.


Poor thing.  Still another 20 minutes of the session to go.  Her hand must be so sore.


I wonder what she does with them all? It’s only a small apartment.

Serene ladies of pain

It’s a learning experience. On both sides.


It’s good of her to make these arrangements for you, when she’s so busy preparing for her business trip and everything. You should think of something you can do to show your gratitude.  As well as the additional respect, of course.


I rather like the ridiculous pervert clothes.  But then I’m a ridiculous pervert.


He wouldn’t have to be brave all the time.  Just at the start, when she ties him up.


 I hope Anna says no.  Do you think she’ll say no?

NB – some of you who follow this blog closely might have noticed that there was briefly another post published today titled “Happy returns”.  But an anonymous poster kindly pointed out I had identified the wrong lady in the photo.  As it is not that lady’s birthday, the post didn’t really work any more, so it has been replaced with this one.

Hurtful things

…and he’s good for relieving my… tension!


Oh well.  At least you no longer have all that awful responsibility of making sure you’re keeping within the distance.  You can be fairly sure it’ll be no more than four feet.  Always.


I don’t want to think about this.


Fucking off is something I’ve always been really good at.  All the girls would agree.


We used to talk about my cock quite a lot, in the early days of our marriage.  But ‘gorgeous’ wasn’t one of the words she used. 

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