Doing what she wants

‘Public humiliation’ is apparently one of the approved reasons for leaving the house in the present situation.  Thank goodness we can preserve the basics of civilisation, in these trying times.

Don’t worry. As soon as she’s stopped being angry with you, she’ll give femdom a go.  Possibly even before she’s stopped beig angry, actually.

Even the oubliette can be quite peaceful on a lovely summer evening… the sound of birdsong, the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Sometimes you can even smell the blooms in the nearby flowerbeds, but usually the stink of piss is too strong.

Maybe it’s yummy. I guess she’ll never know.

I must say, I can’t understand men who frequently visit prostitutes.  I just cannot take any pleasure in mixing sex with a cold, businesslike financial transaction, you know?  Much better to stick to financial domination.

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  1. Good morning, honey…how did you sleep? I must get that room redecorated in your style if you are going to sleep in there more often. I really didn't expect Raoul to stay last night…but you know how insistent he is when he wants something. He was so excited after our meal at the new Italian place that he didn't want to go home…you know? I'm real sorry you were sent to the bedroom in the basement, but I couldn't let you sleep in a guest room could I…that wouldn't be right. They are for senior members of the family like my mom, your mom, our sisters and my friends…not for junior sissy boys like you huh?

    Come and join me and get yourself some fruit. No darling, remember you are on a strict diet now.. I want you to lose at least 3 stones…no coffee and no fattening foods. Raoul is having a shower, why don't you take him a coffee, honey..get on his good side…but him Sir..and no chat about your girlie interests…he can't stand netball or hockey…or embroidery. Good little sissy.

    Good morning Raoul…did you have a nice shower..all refreshed for the day? Was he a good boy…he was! that is great. Oh don't pull me Raoul…oh you are so strong..I love you kissing and dominating me…mmm so sexy. Hey, sissy boy go and clean Raul's shoes he's going to work soon…hurry boy!

    Sorry he is so slow babe.

    Ok say good bye to Raul darling he is off to work…see you tonight honey…what's that…sissy boy needs a slapping? why? He did what? He forgot to call you sir and start gabbling about his new maid uniform and how tight it was?

    He is in trouble when you go…bye honey.

    Hey James come into my home office we need a chat. Now remember when I said you must call all male visitors Sir…yes? You are not their equal so you don't chatter to them like you are friends ok? I know Raoul is here a lot and so you might think of him as a friend, but he is in fact your master…ok? So, no gossip about girlie stuff, no netball, no hair and make up news, no asking him to ask me stuff, ok? Now I am not going to punish you today because you have been such a good sissy boy lately and I want to encourage you.

    So go and finish your chores and we will talk about who is going to look after you when Raoul and I go to Jamaica later in the year.

    Good sissy boy.


  2. My name is Sarah and I am the 24 year old fianc├ę of James (54). I am a corporate lawyer in the same firm as James and we have been dating for 2 years. His wife, Marjorie (52) died 6 months ago in a car accident which was very sad. I liked Marjorie very much. She was bright, pretty and very attractive if slightly obese. I met her often when she came into the office to meet with James. Quite often we would go for a coffee and a girly chat about family, fashion and the impossibility of men.

    One of the interesting things about the law firm I work for is that it is run on gynarchy ideas of no men in management and no men unsupervised by a woman. Even the most senior male lawyer must be supervised by a woman. This means if he wants a day off, or a new pen, or to apply for promotion he must go to his designated supervisor and ask permission. She may be a 20 year old legal clerk or another lawyer but he must report to her. This is my work relationship with James, I am his designated supervisor. That is how we met…I liked the look of him and asked him out for a coffee.
    The rest is history and we started an affair of passion and fun.

    I was shocked when Marjorie died as I was fond of her, but I saw an opportunity and when James asked me to be his bride I considered for a whole month before accepting.

    Now James does as I say at work and at home. He must obey quickly and without question in a happy manner and with efficiency and style. I make sure he is equally obedient to his 18 year old daughter, Rachel, who I have befriended and who is my ally. We are such great friends that we often go clothes shopping together and laugh at the attempt of James to please us.

    One day at breakfast I thought James was not sufficiently servile to Rachel and said, "James, apologise to Rachel at once. She asked you to go an fetch her cardigan from her bedroom as she is feeling a bit chilly. How dare you say you will go after you have eaten your toast? Don't be annoying, you had an order, now go and do as she has asked….quickly boy !!"

    I have started to plan the wedding which will take place sometime next year. It will be such fun.

    "James fetch the Lexus I want to drive to town for some wedding dress fittings."


  3. Zoe, that is magnificent – they both are. Wonderful vignettes.

    You know, when you start writing comments that are longer than the original blog post it is surely time to start your own blog!

    Thank you so much for these.

    best wishes S

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