And eating it too

A special ‘Pervworld’ post – that’s an occasional series in which I put up captioned images that fall well below the already laughably low bar for plausibility that this blog applies, then try to justify it as being in some way knowing and ironic. See what I did there? It’s like when TV shows get to objectify women, but it’s OK because they’re really just subverting the genre.

And this intro itself is ironically mocking my own ironic use of cheesy fetish tropes to, to… OK maybe I’m over-thinking things. Not a common problem among males like myself, I’ll admit. Hmm? What’s that you say? ‘Shut up and get the fuck on with it, Servitor you annoying little prick’? Sure, happy to.

And a ‘special’. When I saw the site name on these images, I just felt that they had to feature in Pervworld. Get ready to salute the brave girls of the Special Feet Force…

And what’s more, you’ll be a woman, my daughter

War. They say war changes nothing. But sometimes if nothing changes, war is the only way. These girls didn’t seek the war they fought in but it found them. Then they fought and some of them died. Then they won and some of them came back. Did they come back as heroines? They came back. Plenty didn’t. Those who made it said the war changed them – for good, for bad, who knows? It changed a lot of guys too, mostly for the better. Sure: war changes nothing. But war changes everything, too.

Etc. That stuff’s surprisingly easy to write.

World War M, anyway. When the war between the sexes went hot.

Just tell the truth, subbie. The truth can’t hurt you.

And introducing a new series. World War M: Origins.

Just the way she likes it

  and no other way.  Ever.

Don’t worry, she’s a very good shot.  She’ll hit exactly what she’s aiming at, nothing else.  

Respect doesn’t have to be mutual to be heartfelt.

I hope he’s appropriately grateful for her trusting, easygoing nature.  I think things might get quite difficult for him if she loses that.

Oh dear.  I hope she doesn’t feel too bad about letting her friend down like that.

I’m sure she’ll say yes.  She’s a very kind person and it wouldn’t hurt anyone to… well, you know what I mean.  She’s not going to say no to her girlfriend, is she?  That would be mean.

When life gives you lemons…

 …strap him down to a table, clip his eyelids open and squeeze the juice into them.

Too unpleasant for you?  Then you definitely will not want to watch this clip of women (as the title indicates) brutally torturing men to death

No, seriously, you won’t.  That clip is not some kind of happy S&M consensual game, nor are the terrified victims saved at the last minute from the evil torturers (don’t you hate it when that happens in mainstream movies?).  It is possibly the most unpleasant, brutal mainstream clip I have ever seen.  Very nasty stuff.

I mean, who could possibly enjoy that sort of thing?  You’d have to be a truly sick weirdo to get any kind of sexual pleasure from that. Simply horrible, it is.  Vile.


Anyway, on we go!


Some poor sod’s going to have to clean that up, you know.



‘Non-lethal’ is how I like my femdom play.



Yes, let’s hope Ellie doesn’t take it out on them.  She’d got a terrible temper, you know.




The people have spoken… the ones wanking online, anyway, and that’s good enough for her.





Thank goodness none of that applies to any of us, eh readers?  Imagine the (fully justified) self-loathing you’d have to feel to get off on something like this.

Strictly enforced whims

C’mon, give it a chance.  She wore the red dress for you, after all.




Don’t get the wrong idea: they take bullying very seriously.  All the girls get three bullying classes every week (as do the boys and the male teachers, albeit in a different way), and most of them are in the after-school club too.  They’re regional champions.



Actually, I’d have been able to tell Kurt was here even it wasn’t for the loud grunting noises – who else leaves a bag of dirty laundry waiting for me in the hall? One day, he’s going to go too far and he and I are going to have to have words.  But not today: he’s a bit busy and that dinner won’t make itself.


Oh well, so much for that day out.



This could turn into a vicious spiral.




Women at arms

More dispatches from those heroines who fought and won World War M.  They fought for freedom and oppression, for friendship and for cruelty, for their buddies and for the trophies but most of all they fought for that little girl back home who won’t ever have to grow up in a world without male slaves.  

We shall not forget them.











Miss rule


usually find that my main thought during ‘thinking time’ is ‘I think I
can’t stand this much longer’ but my SO says it helps and I don’t like
to contradict her.



I think she’s over-reacting. First rule of army life: ‘stuff goes missing’, amiright?




That does sound fun.  Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time – you can have as many goes as you like, subject to any withdrawal limitations imposed by your bank (and you may want to try asking for those to be lifted, it’ll increase your chance of success).


They do other things too.  But mainly that.

I think you’re about to make two lovely ladies very happy.


My goodness!

‘Readers’ of this blog might have picked up on the subtle hints I have ocasionally dropped here, that I might have a bit of a thing for Anne Hathaway (the living actress, not the dead wife of William Shakespeare, although I don’t doubt she was very lovely too).   Very regular ‘readers’ will also be aware that earlier this year I posted a video of an interview with the divine Anne, in which she had to speak quite firmly to the young male who had been privileged enough to be allowed into her presence to interview her.  I have to confess I found that firmness somewhat… stimulating. Obsessive ‘readers’ might even have noticed that I then developed something of a compulsion to publish a series of captioned images all with exactly the same caption, whenever the facial expression or the situation seemed to warrant it.

At the risk of alienating what few ‘readers’ I have left, I am afraid to have to tell you that the compulsion is still with me, so more of the same – exactly the same – below.  Sorry about that. This is an extra post, though, so it will not diminish the twice-weekly postings of captioned images that don’t all have exactly the same words (just the same tired old set of ideas and jokes).

 So… as is traditional, we’ll start with the original, then repeat the same theme ad infinitum (where ‘infinitum’ is here understood to mean ‘seven times’). 





















Service oriented

Once again, it is time for this blog to salute the heroines of World War M.  They fought for freedom – and slavery as well, obviously.  Honour them, remember them. They served so that we can have a long and happy future of service, too.

If you liked these (and if you didn’t, why are you still here – are you one of those weird masochists, or something?), you might also like this.  And if you’re from a really small country with a tiny, insignificant little army, you might also want to consider declaring war on the Netherlands.

Her whip, her rules

She could well be right.  Early on in our relationship, my SO visited a therapist who told her to try dealing with her feelings frustration by beating the living daylights out of me.   Worked.

You get health benefits too – mostly regular exercise and a healthy diet.

I guess we’re both disappointed about the whole situation.
That’s a museum ship, by the way: HMS Belfast.  Worth a visit, if you’re in London, but the guns obviously can’t fire any more and all the seamen left a long time ago. 
 The lovely Mistress Sidonia, of course. Oddly enough, I understand she began her career as a submissive, but she has amply paid back the male sex in the years since.

My own car just stays locked in the garage all the time, these days. I don’t know why I bother to keep it, really.

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